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KRZYBoop's Adventures: Great Railway Heist

KRZY Bonds Credits

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Powerage13 #121 Posted Nov 26 2018 - 02:04


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Great event! I can always use bonds and credits.

quad40 #122 Posted Nov 26 2018 - 12:29


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Bravo! need more events like this and frontline where bonds can be accumulated. 

Rigour67 #123 Posted Nov 26 2018 - 13:42

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The event had the usual aspects of design:


- a small award for showing up

- a medium award for making an effort

- a high award for a longer grind 


The nature of this community is people make their claims for rewards with the language of entitlement.


I am nowhere near being able to buy something with bonds (well, slightly nearer now after the event), and I am Ok with that.

Not everything in this game needs to be easy, or given away as a participation award.

I also like the "Top 10, win or lose" threshold.  Despite the many times I come 11th.  ;)


crudos #124 Posted Nov 26 2018 - 17:38


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I liked the event. The missions didn't become too much of a chore. Do more of these types of events please.

Devilmakes3 #125 Posted Nov 26 2018 - 19:37


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this was great, hope to see more having to do with bonds, thank you.

thisisduckhuntright #126 Posted Nov 26 2018 - 21:41


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This was a great event!

As a casual player with only one Tier 10 tank, I rarely have an opportunity earn bonds (I have never spent any, and only have about 700 total) and this event was a great way to do so.

It wasn't too difficult, but you still had to work for the rewards, and there was a good increase in rewards as you progressed. Sometimes it feels like there is a quick reward to get you hooked and then the requirements for the next level increases at a steep rate, but not this time, so well done WG!

pmdanie96 #127 Posted Nov 26 2018 - 22:02

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Overall, I liked the idea. Was fun to get little bonuses along the way for lust playing normally. Kudos.

banziduck #128 Posted Nov 26 2018 - 22:56


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Enjoyed it

1van_tankist #129 Posted Nov 26 2018 - 23:59


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love it

Planetos #130 Posted Nov 27 2018 - 01:17


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I really enjoyed this event. We definitely need more events like this. No the rewards were not huge, but they didn't have to be. I played for as many days as I  could and got plenty of bonds, just by playing at my own pace. I still don't have any bond equipment, but now I am a few steps closer to getting something for my time invested. I hope more events like this turn up as it seems that across all of WGs titles there is a very negative gap between Clan rewards, and rewards that can be earned over a period of time by lone wolves. World of Warships just slapped its entire player-base in the face by making its newest premium ship available ONLY by (RMT) or by having large amounts of steel. Steel just like bonds is available in large quantities only if you are able to participate in clan activities. that is a bad way to do business. Players should all have an equal chance of obtaining rare parts of the game, even if the requirements or length of time are different. There should honestly never be content that solo players don't have access to, its just not fair to lone wolves. This event gives solo players access to equipment that at first was only available to players that were in large active clans, now every one has an opportunity to get the "good stuff". lets keep it that way. regardless of how long it takes to get "the goods" every player should have the opportunity to get them. 


Thank you WG, do this type of event again. 

Rob_Rocker #131 Posted Nov 27 2018 - 02:00


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I was finding it a hard claw to get to 5000 bonds so i can get an advanced gun rammer.  Thank you WOT for the opportunity to collect some bonds a lot quicker.  Maybe do this again and also add bonds into gift boxes at Christmas?


Stugpendous #132 Posted Nov 27 2018 - 04:15


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Keep em coming.

sherby45343 #133 Posted Nov 27 2018 - 15:39

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Excellent event

Bergepanzer_RV #134 Posted Nov 28 2018 - 18:07


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Was nice event, I get the most of the bonds I can +2000 and I appreciate the credits.

Go on whit this type of events WG.

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