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RUSIA Embassy

))) not my president our democracy pack the courts shr3k

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Iriya #1 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 00:55


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Welcome to the RUSIA embassy.

This will most likely be a chronicle of the seasons and campaigns that this alliance will be lasting through, in general it's a place to chat about the alliance and or rage at it if you will, but for now I will chronicle this season so far...


- RUSIA helps create, "The Alliance", a server wide coalition against PLSGO created to combat aggressive foreign diplomacy in citadel by Nathaniel_Horatio_Nutmeg

- All Alliance members, consisting of, REKT, NTR, D-O-S, RUSIA, MUG-F, CHAI, CHAII, BULBA, OBUTU, TIOGA, RUS, and BULLS land the first day while PLSGO delays a day in order to choose where to strike first

- PLSGO lands on NTR and RUSIA

- NTR pulls within a day

- RUSIA delays for as long as possible, gets split multiple times in crushing defeats

- RUSIA is backfilled by TIOGA and then later reinforced by multiple clans in the Alliance

- BULBA leave the alliance due to requests to move off the 10k firefly province and discovery of side-diplo with PLSGO

- MUG-F join PLSGO's side due to aggression from RUSIA, TIOGA join PLSGO in order to counteract hostilities from The Alliance


- PLSGO starts dropping in winrate and starts losing key fights on the map after being surrounded by the Alliance

- After hitting a wall for a few days, PLSGO pulls to land on REKT and NTR

- REKT gets mapped in two days

- The Alliance requests RUSIA to snake it's way down south to fight PLSGO

- RUSIA confirms and complies to do so

- RUSIA is asked to give up land to CHAII which blocks their ability to move down south at the same speed

- Alliance members sperg out on RUSIA calling them, "as bad as D-O-S" due to the fact they haven't made it down south in three days

- RUSIA pulls and backfills REKT's land, also snipes 10k province from them due to prior hostilities

- RUSIA and REKT end season as the most active clans in terms of fights against PLSGO

- PLSGO ends season with goal of 80% overall win rate, claims overall victory

- The Alliance ends the season with goal of blocking PLSGO from comfortably sitting on the map and sniping clans, claims overall victory




- RUSIA decides to be competitive in the center of the map with a 36 clan strong alliance

- PLSGO decided to give up Himmels gold pot as a center of competition on the map in return that RUSIA not escalate hostilities and allows PLSGO to consolidate the South-East portion of the map

- RUSIA notifies NTR a day early that they're going to go for their land, NTR decides to fight it out

- PLSGO provides one chip in support of RUSIA, but then quickly reverts to neutrality after negotiations with NTR

- TIOGA and OBUTU join in defense of NTR

- After a course of half a week, RUSIA switches main callers and pushes NTR off claimed land.

- Negotiations pause continuation of war, and allow for TIOGA to become neutral for a short period

- RUSIA claims TIOGA's land and notifies them that they're going to attack

- RUSIA's alliance as a whole loses large swathes of land to TIOGA's alliance dubbed, "The Doumei", many of the 36 clans drop from RUSIA's alliance

- RUSIA pushes back NTR and TIOGA in rapid succession over the course of a week, RUS joins The Doumei

- RUSIA claims NTR's land and NTR pulls off in effort to rebuild clan structure

- RUSIA negotiates with, "The Doumei", prepares to fight PLSGO

- RUSIA announces formal pact with PLSGO the morning of fights with MAHOU, consolidates the map with the TIOGA alliance and PLSGO alliance after this recording is posted.

- Firefly provinces shift, and RUSIA claims REKT's land, PLSGO notifies them that they can have 4.5k in the south guaranteed if they decide to pull off

- OBUTU drops from The Doumei and becomes a neutral party

- REKT denies all offers, and claims that, "It's just RUSIA" and that they are worth 7k gold

- RUSIA maps REKT within 4 days

- REKT lands on RUSIA with overall positive success for a few days, splits RUSIA at one point

- Map is paused for Grand Battle Tournament

- REKT throws to PLSGO in semi-finals

- RUSIA and PLSGO fight in finals, users start losing connection to the server on both teams, 7k users drop off of Central Server and tournament is cancelled at a 1-1 draw

- Map continues, RUSIA declares war on BULLS

- RUSIA almost gets mapped, pulls back with varying success and gets stonewalled at the JPN server

- CURRENT DAY - Will be updated as time progresses

I'll update the OP as things progress, but as things stand it's RUSIA against, "The Doumei", REKT Alliance, and MUG-F Alliance, while PLSGO is against the NTR Alliance.


Greg_HugeManSmallPeePee #2 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 01:04

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Rusia's mom's a ho

GarlicFries_PMA_Ancient1 #3 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 01:07


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View PostGregXL, on Nov 14 2018 - 16:04, said:

Rusia's mom's a ho

BillDing1 #4 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 01:47

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tfw you think its going to be some random tinfoil hat conspiracy about this russian game doing some illegal stuff or something but its just a diary about cws :(

yewchung #5 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 03:40


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I remember the good old days

A_Cute_Girl #6 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 04:29


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is it true that RUSIA rigged some elections to make PLSGO a top clan?

Iriya #7 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 04:32


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View PostA_Cute_Girl, on Nov 15 2018 - 03:29, said:

is it true that RUSIA rigged some elections to make PLSGO a top clan?


PLSGO came to us when they were just forming up. They tried to market themselves as some sort of ultimate anime clan, and wanted us to help them out. Then they started to try and poach players so I promptly proceeded to tell them to "F Off"

yewchung #8 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 04:53


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View PostA_Cute_Girl, on Nov 15 2018 - 11:29, said:

is it true that RUSIA rigged some elections to make PLSGO a top clan?



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