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Type 5 Vs Heat

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CapAm99 #21 Posted Apr 12 2019 - 13:49


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The Type 5 nurfs are too much, the DPM of the type 5 is just AWFUL now.

Iv been playing in the Wot CT server and it just cant perform compared to the other heavy's your always fighting.
obviously I'm using the pen gun configuration I tried the Derp gun it is 100% useless now
Oh and did i mention the gold shell on the pen gun only gets 290 pen?!?!
yeah you herd me 290!
i just cant get anything over 2,100 with it now. i get avg 1,800.
just because its best reload is 14.12 and only dose 600 damage (IF YOU PIN)
the gun was the ONLY balancing factor about the tank, now people will tell you "oh but the armor is still OP" yes it has 270 hull and 280 turret armor (with 2 large 258 mm view ports on the front) but you have to rember that ALL that armor is FLAT. And over half of all the tier X's have at lest 260 mm of pen, not including gold rounds (avging about at 300-340)



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