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Where's the Consum & Equip Discounts

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Yojimbo50 #1 Posted Nov 23 2018 - 16:09

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I'm retired WG and the money I spend on here and I spend way too much is usually money I could have spent on stupid crap like rent, food, medicine.  So I wait for this great Thanksgiving sale hoping to get discounts on consumables and equiptment and what do I get. Spend a 1000.00 and get a bunch of tanks I don't want or need.  Or I can get black camo on three tanks.  Come On, how about doing something for us cheap wads.

jt1alta #2 Posted Nov 23 2018 - 16:46

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Next Tuesdays Sales recap meeting for Wot will be interesting.

Sales mgr....."our large item sales were incredible"

The Boss ....."How were our overall sales?"

Sales mgr....."our large item sales were incredible"

The Boss......"Did we maximize the overall sales and make many people happy?

Sales mgr......"our large sales were incredible,can I has raise?"

The Boss ....."No"

Ironclad73 #3 Posted Nov 23 2018 - 16:48


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Tomorrow starts discount madness,  still holding out for consumable sales myself.

yruputin #4 Posted Nov 23 2018 - 16:52

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Thank you Wargaming WoT for this slap in the face, "THE FEAST $999.99 /was $2,722.02,"  Fine Wargaming you win the :\NUTS:\ to the current customer award>:O

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StrachwitzPzGraf #5 Posted Nov 23 2018 - 17:12

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I have 46 premium tanks -- 5 of those are not even in the "Feast" sales bundle.  I looked over the entire list of Prem. tanks and can say that there's 1 or 2 that I would like to have (mostly for training purposes) and that's it.  Of the 46 I probably spent money on 30 of them -- the rest were mission tanks I won (or was gifted).   So buying 119 vehicles (SIDE NOTE: 100% crews that would have to be retrained in order to be of use in research vehicles and I could have recruited straight up for the same retraining cost meanwhile clogging up the barracks NOT a benefit) where something like 2/3rds are useless... is not a sale I was looking for.


Same as the OP -- I wanted consumables -- it's Thanksgiving CONSUMPTION is what it's all about -- waiting to see what the weekend brings but so far totally underwhelming.


WG clearly seems to be in some financial distress -- there's been a noticeable slide toward all things involving $$$ -- their expenses seem to exceed their income and the only solution that they've come up with is to push "buy, buy, buy" at every opportunity.  Might be better to CUT expenses (other games?) rather that keep trying to get blood from the WoT Stone.

MrGutierrez #6 Posted Nov 23 2018 - 17:32


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yeah I know i was looking for that today hoping to get some my self i have 6 millions for it

iiNSaNiiTY #7 Posted Nov 23 2018 - 18:13


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I expected free exp discount ... I have 10k of gold to convert it into free exp, but I still have hopes

goldfinger_555 #8 Posted Nov 23 2018 - 18:47


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I expect most of you will be happy come Saturday. Today is just sales on premium tanks. I seem to recall the same happening last year when they also gave away a whole bunch of premium tanks in a bundle for 50% off. Everyone complained than too cause it was too much money, but by the end of the year everything important was put on sale at least once and the crowd was happy. A little patience folks.

Cowcat137 #9 Posted Nov 23 2018 - 18:54


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