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Leopard 1

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MrThunk #1 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 00:23


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.......why is this thing a X? The way this effn game makes it, it shouldn't even be a 9.  I understand that my crews aren't at 100% yet, but jeeze, when they are won't make the armor (..what armor?) any thicker!  

Anyone having success with this thing?  

Da_Vinci #2 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 00:44

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Why are you using a light tank for armor?

It's a backrow sniper.

YANKEE137 #3 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 00:50


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Think of it as an ever so softly buffed Panther.

Dirizon #4 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 01:53


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View PostDa_Vinci, on Nov 23 2018 - 19:14, said:

Why are you using a light tank for armor?

It's a backrow sniper.


the question (and answer) isn’t why use this tank for armour.....

but Instead, why use a tier X, without even a 1OO% crew. Nice

XVM_Ad_Astra #5 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 02:04

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i love the leo 1

death_stryker #6 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 02:06

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You're playing a tier 10 without even 100% crew? Just about any tier 10 will perform abysmally if you mistreat it like that.


On the other hand, the Leopard 1 is one of the most difficult tanks to play well in the game, and, from what I can tell, is not for you. The Leopard is not supposed to have any armor; it is meant to be a pure support tank. It is not by any means a good tank, but if it was lowered to tier 9 as it is now it would be completely broken, simply because the power difference between tiers is massive.


I won't claim to be good at the Leopard 1 (I am statistically better in just about every other tier 10), but I think I can claim to be decent at the Leopard PTA, which is basically the same thing, so I'll infer from what I do in the PTA. The optimal playstyle in the Leopard, I believe, is a combination of aggressively flanking to support a push and sniping. The difficulty lies in deciding when to do which. Being a relatively aggressive player, I will take a standard medium position at the start of the game, and after the initial round of shots I will either stay, if I expect our flank to win, or run back to snipe if that is not the case. In a bottleneck, if sniping is awkward, I may switch flanks as well. The main thing to remember in either Leopard is simply to never overcommit. Unlike other mediums, you have no way of getting yourself out of a mess, so whenever you make a more aggressive play than usual, play more conservatively than in other tanks, almost as if you were a TD. The mentality one needs to have to play these things well is quite counterintuitive; also, don't be expected to be rewarded when you do succeed, because the reward for being good at a terrible tank is simply food for the soul.


Statistically, the Leopard 1 is so bad that a buff is more than warranted. WG pls buff.

GenErwinRommel #7 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 02:17

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its a german tank what did you expect

get a Russian tank the game is rigged in the soviet tank tree favor

Tornadowolf11 #8 Posted Nov 26 2018 - 22:59


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The Leopard 1 is entirely dependent on the skill of the driver. If you don't know how to play her, you do horribly, but if you understand the Leopard 1, you'll be able to turn any awkward matchup into a 3k damage game at the very least.

Barks_Internally #9 Posted Dec 23 2018 - 13:49


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Leopard 1 has a playstyle that demands a lot and forgives nothing. If you try to play it with a less than 100% crew...i'd be surprised if you get any damage at all..

Vytone #10 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 19:03


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Play behind your scouts, snipe with the td's, save what little armor you have for the end game and then use your exceptional speed late to turn the tide.

oldewolfe #11 Posted Jan 10 2019 - 11:48


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It's not your Typical L7 Medium like the Others.....      If you consider the fact that you can get at it from the Light Tank Line in 2 Places, it doesn't Pay to even Play it like a Medium.....


It's essentially a Scout/Medium Hybrid with none of the Benefits of Either apart from the Gun.....        


I've been wanting this since I started, made it to the 30.02D before that Tank made me Move On back to my Tiger Grind....     The Leopard I had Sidetracked the original Plan anyway....     But the E100 Grind is Done so it's Back to the Leopard I.....     I just Aced my Indien this AM with Rammer, Vents, and Optics on it, and the Crew is still a Work in Progress with BiA being the only Completed Skill and the Commanders 6th Sense....


This was how I had the Leopard I set up on the Test Server last February, the Basics I'll keep amd Shuffle some Skills about....     I have never truely seen any real Change with Improved Equipment aside feom being a Bonds Sinkhole so I have no Planes for any on the Leopard when I get it....




And this was just ine of the Games from that same Test Session....




I'm actually Glad I got Disgusted with the 30.02D....    If I hadn't, I probably would have gotten the Leopard I and played it like a Regular Medium and really been Disappointed in it....     But I like the Tank for it's Flexability on the Field...   


I'm looking forward to see what WG has in mind for it, but they really need to consider it's Scouting possibilities as a Hybrid and not just another Medium....       View Range, Camo on the Move, little things to Offset it from the Pack....



JackRaptor #12 Posted Jan 12 2019 - 16:31


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I love my Leopard 1, it is a beautiful tank.....but it could be even more beautiful. Just upgrade it to the 1A1 model with the Skirt's and extra spaced armor around the turret to fight HEAT. I don't mind playing a tank with practically no armor, but this HEAT spam needs to be punished, having some resistance to it when using gun depression will force people in to a meta of firin-g standard ammo.

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