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Object 430U vs Super Conquer (need community help)! :)

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Poll: Object 430U vs Super Conquer (need community help)! :) (11 members have cast votes)

Which tank should I get first?

  1. Object 430u (8 votes [72.73%])

    Percentage of vote: 72.73%

  2. Super Conqeror (3 votes [27.27%])

    Percentage of vote: 27.27%

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nalusar #1 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 03:53


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Hey community, need help, which tank should I focus my grind on first Object 430u vs Super Conquer, I plan on getting both. Which tank is best and more fun to play. And any advice for the lines? 

Everlasting_Chungus #2 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 04:02


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I would suggest the S.Conq for you. It's slower than the 430U so odds are you won't be able to get yourself into trouble as quickly.

vyle02 #3 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 04:06

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430U is more versatile, and more forgiving than the SuperC overall, while the extra speed may allow you to get yourself into trouble the armor is a little more forgiving for newer players, the SuperC needs to be played hull down, and sidescrap at a very slight angle to do properly, otherwise is easier to get taken apart and have your weakspots exploited. 

death_stryker #4 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 04:19

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The 430U is less punishing (better armored, more alpha, smaller profile), so I would recommend it over the SConq. The SConq is also a bit of a niche tank, whereas the 430U fares pretty well in just about any circumstance.


Both tanks are very good right now. Personally, I have more fun and do better in the 430U, though I've only played either of them on the test server.


The SConq line is utter trash up to tier 7, but when it gets good at tier 8 it really gets good. The only objectively bad tank in the 430U line is the T-43. All of the others tend to be better than their peers.

TL;DR get the 430U.

Panzerkind #5 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 04:31


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Both tanks are clearly overpowered in the current meta, but the 430U has almost main battle-tank versatility. It basically has heavy tank armor with medium tank mobility and a gun that can out-trade other mediums.

GenErwinRommel #6 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 04:36

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amazing how many players don't known that the soviet tank tree is rigged to beat all other tank trees

a huge problem the way the game is run

camrox92 #7 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 04:59


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While the russian tech tree is probably the strongest tree overall it is in no way rigged. From a competitive standpoint there are many tanks across all trees that see use. Thinking that the whole game/world is against you will prevent you from improving at this game.

__WarChild__ #8 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 05:15


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Personally, I think you should go with the Super Conqueror, but you need to learn how to play it.  Good luck!

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