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A Well Deserved Reward: Recognizing the Community

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IronPanterloons #501 Posted Jan 29 2019 - 00:44


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View PostAndrew_Anderson_27, on Jan 28 2019 - 16:43, said:

I made a blitz account way back when, before 2017. At the time I had no computer to play World of Tanks, and only an iPad. Will I still qualify or is it only for original WoT players?


As far as I know based on everything I've read and seen, it's only for PC players on the desktop version of the game. I've seen a lot of console players say that they've gotten nothing, but I haven't read any Blitz information. I have a Blitz account in addition to the desktop myself, but it's too new to have gotten anything anyway so I can't say yea or nay there. I haven't read of anyone playing anything other than desktop getting anything, but here's hoping for all those players' sake that WG expands to cover the entire ecosystem. That's only fair. :)

StealthBrigade #502 Posted Feb 06 2019 - 19:11


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Missed 7 yr by 14 days... haha oh well. 


Thanks for the tank!

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