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Clan wars Spectators

clan wars spectator

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Lord_TouchMe_ #1 Posted Nov 29 2018 - 05:57


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It would be nice if Wargamming added a spectator option for clan wars where clan members could join the game as spectators and watch. It would be the normal 15 players with 10 extra slots for spectators.


Many times clans dont get doubles and theres always an extra 5-10 people who cant play. But everyone like watching the game unfold. It would be nice if they could watch their follow clan mates battle their hearts out as a clans goals are always united.

ShiningArmor101 #2 Posted Nov 29 2018 - 06:07


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So basically what Blizzard and Valve does for their E-Sports games, but on a more "casual" scale. (Both of these companies sell virtual tickets to the regular gamer so they can watch in a particular game, such as CS:GO and StarCraft) <- Just exclude the tickets part~


Not a bad idea, though, where's Sebas Tian? o: 

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