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Screen Problems - Windows 10

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BadgerAttitude_3 #1 Posted Dec 01 2018 - 23:42


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I am trying to get into the game but the screen keeps going  wonky on me after the 3rd game in a row

The Minimap goes blank no units can be seen on it,  So I am blind

The Vehicle Counter at the top of the screen and the tanker list on the is spotty so I can't keep track of the battle

That which is in front of me I can see and shoot, but having no game communication is a handicap


I've tried every graphic adjustment


Used adminstrater to run the program, copied the program to my user file....still no fix....help?

rockbutcher #2 Posted Dec 02 2018 - 00:20

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Have you got it set to windowed mode in the settings?  You should also make sure that vsynch is turned off.

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