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December Community Update

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UnturnedLeaf #21 Posted Dec 06 2018 - 14:47


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View Post__WarChild__, on Dec 03 2018 - 15:50, said:

Thanks for the update, Cabbage.  


I'm not upstanding, but I'd let people shoot me for Gold if it didn't hurt my ever so precious STATISTICS  :trollface:.  If I can figure out how to set up Twitch properly, I'll stream it there since folks seem to prefer that over YouTube these days:








personally i prefer You Tube. Twitch has an overly busy screen with way way too much going on. so much so that i found it difficult to find something relevant to me or what i was looking for. 

scHnuuudle_bop #22 Posted Dec 07 2018 - 01:30


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call me Luddite, 

I got notice of some prize for 2 years.

I am still waiting. All I see is a set of instructions, that get me nowhere.


In-game, upper left, box with name,, then click on box in left side of that window.

All I see is a bunch of medals or whatever, do not even know what they are.

Nothing about accomplishments I can see, any help for the Luddite. 

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Dr_Spreadem #23 Posted Dec 07 2018 - 10:08


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