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Zero Damage Percentage

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Captain_Rownd #21 Posted Dec 07 2018 - 23:39


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View PostLord_Fartacus, on Dec 07 2018 - 01:59, said:

If I had that stat available to see, I would probably never play again. HAH!


Some games are better than others. I have had my share of the zeros, that's for sure. But annoyingly, it's right after a really good game. I have to try to apologize to my team like "Seriously! I don't suck that bad! Sorry!"


It happens a lot.  You're always 1 or 2 shots away from going back to the garage.  Sometimes your team loses the vision game and damage markers start sprouting all over your screen from unseen enemies.  Some tanks are derpy and just fail to hit or pen regularly.  Others are slow and don't get to the battle when your YOLO steamrolls the enemy.  Some tanks have pop-guns and you satisfy yourself with spotting.  I posted a thread last week about an Assault mode battle that only lasted 2.5 minutes because of a "fast cap" platoon, and 20 of the 30 tanks had zero damage as a result.   Various things.  But, then it would be boring if all the vehicles were generic and "OK at everything". 

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