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Sheriff's Posse Applications for Hunt the Sheriff Weekend (Dec. 14th-16th)

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Private_Public #41 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 21:33


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I would like the chance for this, but I will have my daughter this weekend doing a lot of fun stuff with her.   Maybe next time.  


To whomever does get one of the accounts - Best of luck to you!

OrangeKhaos #42 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 21:37


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@cabbage I would very much be up for this! I have what it takes - the time, the addiction to caffeine, and the ability to make aggressive plays that get me killed :izmena::trollface:

RingZero #43 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 21:43


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Hi, I'm not sure if the available slots are filled yet, but I'd like to also apply for any available accounts.


Relevant Details:

I play every day from 9pm - 1am PST.  I've noticed that almost all the sheriff accounts in the past have played closer to primetime EST so a lot of players on the west coast and overseas tend to miss out on the sheriff events.  I'd be willing to play in those time slots for the entire weekend to allow more of the player base to participate.


My primary tier of tanks I play on my account is 9-10, but I'm happy to play tier 5-7 also since I believe a large majority of the player base enjoys those tiers.  


As for me personally, I feel like I'm a fairly mellow player and I can easily keep a positive attitude.  I'm fairly knowledgeable about the game but not exceedingly difficult to kill so I can give the enemy players a decent run for the money without feeling that I'm impossible to kill or not challenging enough (ie people would enjoy shooting me repeatedly).



Fluffy_Kittens #44 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 21:49


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i wouldn't mind defending my self from the horde, i've killed enough sherrifs, so it would be fun being on the other side..



D3vilNBlue #45 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 21:50


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Well, this is an opportunity that would be a pleasure for me. Considering that I Spent 12 - 14 hours on the game in a day, i am available thru all of the times and could spend a couple hours a day doing the event. I am one of those people that would give feedback if I was given the opportunity but I have not been. I Have been working on personal rating lately and climbed close to 300 points over the past 3 months. As everyone knows making your rating climb that much is not easy especially with over 35k battles. I know I may not be running with the best of computers but with me running on 10 year old dinosaur tells you how devoted to this game I have been. Even wargaming staff told me in a ticket that I would not be able to play after the 1.0 patch but this old thing is still trucking along. As much as i want a new computer I am not able to get one, even upgrading is not an option for me considering that I run on laptop that is not upgrade-able. It is rough to run on an intel® Celeron® CPU 1017U @ 1.60GHz (2CPUs) ~1.6GHz but it is done daily. I can be on at any of these times and would make sure I was giving as much opportunity to players as wargaming wanted me to.

AndrewSledge #46 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 21:55


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I'd love to do it, but I have a few things going on that weekend. Maybe another time!

Darksiede #47 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 21:56


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I'm game and can pretty much play the entire weekend minus sleep..  Would be interesting to try out many of the tanks I've yet to grind out!

NateKrool #48 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 22:01


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As much as I would enjoy being a temporary Sheriff and roll out in a unicum account, I am only a mere Orange WN8.  WG would go bankrupt if I had a Sheriff account.


It would be sweet to roll out in tanks I've seen but don't have in my garage.


Sure, I'll throw my hat in the ring to possibly be a temporary Sheriff.  Why should Unicums get all the fun.  Give the Tomatoes and the Oranges a chance!

IndignantSnek #49 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 22:02


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I would love to play with a big target on me! I will always make them earn that gold! Always fight to the last, bitter breath! 

Ortinoth_ #50 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 22:05


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If you need another Temp Sherrif - let me know --- been playing the game would love to do more community building with all levels of players  : been playing off and on since 2011  :P Twitch Name: Ortinoth  See ya on the battlefield  All posted times are availible for me to particiapte :P as i am retired

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Maui0711 #51 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 22:06


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I am a average player, as most of these sheriffs are very good to great, so it would be nice for some of those folks to have a good chance at getting some gold a bit easier...maybe, not just gonna roll-over. Plus, I have been playing this for 6 years and have had lots of fun, it would be amazing to be the one of the people who could share some of that joy, and maybe a little bit easier too. 

Great idea!

russoLF #52 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 22:10


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I want to have fun, and try tanks, I would like to know if I apply. I have free time, I indicate the schedules to enter and the central server or latam, I have a ping in central 80 and 150 in latam without lag, I have a computer i3 3220, 12 ram ddr 3, gtx 650 evga 1gb.

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LpBronco #53 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 22:43


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Deputy LpBronco reporting for duty ...L, I almost don't need the sheriff's account to have any tank needed.

Casual_Boops #54 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 22:45


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Hey there! I'd love to give the sheriff thing a spin! 


My qualifications:


  • I enjoy long walks on the beaches of Overlord.
  • I love to stop and smell the flowers of Fisherman's Bay.
  • Life is too short not to appreciate the sunshine through the ruins on Himmelsdorf.
  • The blimp on Redshire is my spirit animal (the downed one, not the flying one).
  • Flying 360-no-scope T49 derp kills are my specialty.


Full disclosure, Saturday night I'll be AFK, but otherwise I'll be around for all of it.

anonym_hCfsgfvsRDFf #55 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 23:00

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I would love playing as a sherrif!! Sounds like a lot of fun!


Put me down PLEASE!!! 


Even if I'm not that good, players will be getting some free gold, but I've been around for a while, and have always loved these events, and wanted to be a part of one. I'm open all weekend


Looking forward to the event!

__WarChild__ #56 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 23:00


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If you need me, I am available to be a Sheriff this weekend.  I play all tiers and can cover any of the time slots you have listed for each day.  Additionally, I finally have my Twitch account set up properly to Live Stream and will make sure that it is working while I'm running the Sheriff accounts.


Just let me know.




PS - MANY many people want to shoot me.  I'm going to make them earn it!  :coin:

agfox #57 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 23:03


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I would offer my time and services. 


I'm available to repeatedly die during any window of time, with any tier tank. Who doesn't love being ruthlessly hunted and yolo'd? I pray exclusively to RNJesus, and kindly sing the praises of physics while upside down in my elc. I'm able to say "wth" an innumerable amount of times per hour, which shows my communication skills are 10/10. I promise not to spam full heat from a leaf blower the entire day....  mostly. 



TheD3vilDogGG #58 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 23:07

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Dear Cabbage Mechanic,


      I would like to formally donate my sexy tanking skills to the Sheriffs Posse.  Ever since Mountain Man shaved his beard for charity...I believe I have ultimately become the sexiest tanker at Wargaming...I mean you guys need a Glorious Beard Wielding Viking like myself to round out the squad.  On top of that you can have my comedic skills available while I stream...I mean your getting one hell of a deal here!!  Just throw me one of those sheriff accounts, I will bring the hot-dogs, smores, etc and we shall have a glorious bbq on the burning hulls of our enemies!!    I don't know what slots are available at this time but am willing to negotiate my availability...have your people contact my people...


OH...and Cabbage...CHECK YOUR TWITTER!  :D





Gr8Kh4l1 #59 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 23:10

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Not sure if I qualify but I'm pretty much on everyday and able to conform to any request during those periods. The reason I'd be good is because I'm agro when I play so I'll surely gives those many of opportunities to collect :D

Nick_GoVols #60 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 23:21

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I would love to do this. It'd be a nice change of pace for me. Just getting to play what tanks I don't already own and see if there is others worth getting that I don't have now while also rewarding people. I could make all times Friday until around 12 AM CT. Saturday I could play from 3:30 PM CT to 12:30 AM CT and on Sunday from 4:30 PM CT to 11 PM CT.

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