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It will be World of Bots, WOT is losing so many players this year

WOT is Dying mm over power russian tanks

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Dain_Ironfoot_ #21 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 04:03


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View PostFireplace4, on Dec 09 2018 - 10:25, said:


20% decline in one year is pretty significant...


Steam Charts shows PUBG went from 3 million players at the start of the year to less than 1 million now.  CS:GO went from 700k at the start of the year to around 400k in the middle of the year and now back up to 700k+ again.  Those are a lot more than 20% fluctuations.  WoT has proven staying power, although numbers may drop, it is very far from dying.

3bagsfull #22 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 08:12

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View Postthe_dude_76, on Dec 09 2018 - 16:35, said:


Maybe your noob friends shouldn't make the noob mistake of rushing up the tech trees before they learn how to play at lower tiers...


You do understand that this isn't something new right?? And that noobs that make this mistake have had the same experience since the game was launched right??


Define lower tiers, because I've always been under the impression from the people that have played this game a long time that Tier V and VI were the lower tiers and that new players should stay there until they learn the game - and that anything below Tier V really wasn't worth playing - it was a totally different game.  

Oldcook #23 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 21:13


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Fix Matchmaker. Balance odds and tanks, give an opt out button if you do not like game odds

PuddleSplasher #24 Posted Dec 11 2018 - 16:15


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View Postrobyone, on Dec 09 2018 - 15:38, said:


see the video, the statistics don't lie



Fake news my friend, fake news.


People read what they want to read and believe what they want to believe,


Those are the silly people :trollface:

General_Pete #25 Posted Dec 15 2018 - 14:11


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It's not because of the "op"ed tanks released, it's not because of the MM and WGNA's failure to fix it.( nothing's wrong with it, it's the poor player skills that's the problem) IT'S THE FACT that since the end of 6/8/10 clan wars the NA server base has fallen off and will never recover to what it was. All the crying in the world will not get WGNA to do a damned thing about it( neither the server base, stop releasing oped tanks or bring back 6/8/10 or 8/10 CW's) because it's not WGNA who runs this game here, it's the top 10-25 clans on this server. They are the one's who cried like a group of 2yr olds to WGNA to kill off 6/8 clan wars because it was hurting them. End game blah blah crap is what I read on old posts from them and WGNA gave it to them. Now let's have all the top clan bullies come and give me crap on this....they will cause the truth hurts and makes them get all....your a noob,, get gooder and U2 can be a topper, they all gonna hate cause they all the haters.....oh and btw what the F#@k does end game crap have to do with this game, it never ends. It's not like you get a tier 10 win some battles and then "the end", it never ends. The real reason you whana baby top clans cried was because you had to battle each other and not have all of us to beat up on....real true win ratio in clan wars stat padding.

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