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British Wheeled Lights

GB LT Light British Wheeled

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_Silent #1 Posted Dec 10 2018 - 01:02

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Good day,


As a suggestion, since it is quite possible that we would see Wheeled British tanks in the future, Wargaming should make it a Commonwealth line.  That is to say tier 9 and 10 (since they will probably say there are no sutiable tier 9 or 10 wheeled vehicles that are British) could be the Rooikat and the Eland Mk7 of South Africa.  Since they formerly a British colony and current member state of the Commonwealth it would be appropriate to add these as top tier vehciles for a wheeled British LT Line.

Their stats could be as follows


Tier 10

HP 1400

Armour  ? (Max 50mm)

Engine Power 414 KW 14.89 KW/t

Top Speed 120 kph (real on road speed)

Gun Oto Melara 76 (76mm) upgrade to GT7 rifled 105mm


Oto Melara

Pen 220/253/30

Damage 190/190/230

RoF 14.28 rpm

Reload 4.22 seconds

Aim Time 1.2 seconds

Dispersion 0.35


GT7 105

Pen 190/220/105

Damage 400/400/500

RoF 6 rpm (actual RoF)

Reload 10 sec

Aim Time 1.4 sec

Dispersion 0.37


Both depression -8 degrees Elevation 15 degrees


Eland Mk 7

Tier 9

HP 1190

Armour ? (Max 30mm)

Engine Power?

Top Speed 100kph


Gun 90mm GT-2 Denel 29 rounds

Pen 190/215/90

Damage 260/260/340

RoF 8.07 rpm

Reload 7.63 seconds

Depression -6 elevation +12


These are just suggestions but are viable for top tier British wheeled vehicles and are part of the Commonwealth


EmperorJuliusCaesar #2 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 03:18


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Wheeled vehicles are yet to be 100% coming to the game.  WG stated they wanted to do extensive testing to ensure they're not too "pesky"(annoying).


WG has already announced that we're getting a British light tank line, due to be out in Feb/March of next year.  Normal light tanks, no wheeled vehicles.

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