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[ST] New map "Peace-d" Together

KRZY New Map map Peace Supertest Super Test

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KRZYBooP #1 Posted Dec 11 2018 - 21:29

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Howdy Boom Jockies!


A new map Peace enters the Super Test! 



1). The air defense sites on the western edge of the map are round-shaped caponiers lending shelter from enemy shoot-throughs while attacking through the open space. Heavy vehicles may enter these only by road, maneuverable ones may get there over the slopes (provided they have experienced drivers). There’s a large artificial mound in the center of this zone, holding the command bunker. The mound is covered in trees and is the key point when you advance onto the shrubbery. From it, you can ‘light up’ the TD positions in Zone 2 and/or build on your attack, moving further to the most distant caponiers.

2). The knolls by both bases are for TDs and other snipers. Sitting here, you can defend your base against attacks coming from the shrubbery. The knolls are also the last lines of defense when the enemy is advancing on your base from the city.

3). The railway station and the military base at the center contain some scattered covered positions that won’t fully protect you from enemy artillery and direct fire. You can still use these to advance through the zone, move to another flank, and duel it out with a random foe. You cannot drive inside the station building, but it can give some protection.

4). The city blocks over the river in the east are the designated heavies’ arena. The bridges are covered from shoot-throughs from the center of the map, and a timely ‘light-up’ of the square by the railway station will allow you to avoid receiving punches you can’t return. The embankment is curved, creating some cover, but still is a dangerous place. The key points for heavies are the quads and the passages leading into them. There are two of the latter, and one has to concrete blocks that can cover your tank’s hull and let you engage in some turret-based play. Yet this position can be threatened by TDs hiding in the bushes inside the quads. The passage without the concrete blocks will suit side-scrapping tanks.

Depending on test results, we’ll decide what happens to this ingot of a map. Follow the news and best of luck in all your battles!




BENtheawesomeTANK #2 Posted Dec 11 2018 - 21:47


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Will the 'command bunker' mound be climbable or would it be too steep? Looks like a cool new map regardless! 

24_inch_pythons #3 Posted Dec 11 2018 - 21:52


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I'm going to dog-leg and lay it up on the backside of the green, I think.

Cowcat137 #4 Posted Dec 11 2018 - 22:15


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View Post24_inch_pythons, on Dec 11 2018 - 21:52, said:

I'm going to dog-leg and lay it up on the backside of the green, I think.


Watch those sand traps!

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TruIy #5 Posted Dec 11 2018 - 22:34


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Not really digging how perfectly corridored city is to enemy arty. Unless you're super close or in a very low arc arty, just slightly repositioning yourself lets you hit pretty much anywhere on the enemy side. It's only when either team wins the city that they're slightly more arty safe.


West is going to need a lot more trench-like paths with varying small hills to skirt around, otherwise all that's going to happen is that they'll get snipped by camping TDs or arty.


I know a bunch of you will claim what I'm suggesting is very anti-passive play, and I will agree, I severly hate the redline sniping tactic because not only does it require absolutely nothing from the player using it. Unless they're needed there, the tanks are basically taken out of the equation for win or loss until someone is in their death zone.


Now I will acquiesce that there are a ton of tanks that practically require sniping because of a severe lack of armor and ability to run away safely. Therefore I would more greatly accept at least semi-aggressive sniping/lighting positions for scouts and TDs to sit in so that they can be effective, but not invincible in their position until the enemy has to kill them last on that flank (looking at you South West Studzianki) 

Avalon304 #6 Posted Dec 12 2018 - 08:24


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How big is this map? 1000x1000? Smaller?

iAmEbola #7 Posted Dec 12 2018 - 14:19


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I read that it was a new map for Grand Battles testing (which I think means they are looking at the map design aspect on a normal scale to be able to introduce a much larger version when they eventually bring back Grand Battles).  So, I'm hoping it is a little bit bigger.  


Still same design intent as all the others.  No surprise there.  Heavies to one side, LTs & MTs to the other, dead man's zone in the middle.  Make TD/SPG areas that favor promote red-line sniping tactics and viola!  New map.  



Volcanic_lobster_220 #8 Posted Apr 03 2019 - 02:36


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View PostiAmEbola, on Dec 12 2018 - 14:19, said:

Still same design intent as all the others.  No surprise there.  Heavies to one side, LTs & MTs to the other, dead man's zone in the middle.  Make TD/SPG areas that favor promote red-line sniping tactics and viola!  New map.  




absolutely HATE the amount of maps with dead man's lands in the center of the map, does WG despise having more of the map be playable or what? i can name dozens of map off the top of my head where you're dead if you sit in the center, make more maps that don't equal instant death by snipers, also about this map, yeah i don't like it just by looking at it, probably a lot of TD sniping on the East, and even the heavy area has the buildings so far apart.

my favorite maps were Winter Storm and Sacred Valley, wish they were in the game right now :/

Ollanius_Pius #9 Posted Apr 16 2019 - 16:10


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good looking map, looking forward to seeing how it plays.  you guys are making some real attempts at changing map designs so they don't feel so corridor.  that said, they are still just fire funnels with massive no go zones.  keep attempting to innovate.  don't be afraid to experiment or fail and most importantly respond quickly when you do.

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cavalry11 #10 Posted Apr 16 2019 - 16:44

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Too small and too much city.


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