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Grand Battles time tweak

Grand Battle

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Altwar #1 Posted Dec 11 2018 - 22:31


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Now I don't know about any of you reading this, but there are times when I am thrilled to be placed in a Grand Battle and sometimes less than pleased.  That may depend on whether I mean to focus on a particular tank to play, just want to jump in a single top tier tank battle as a change of pace, or I am ready to get into a big rumble.  Since Grand Battles seem to occur randomly, the only way a player can try to plan on being in one is to just keep playing tier 10s.


Enter my suggestion:  why not have planned Grand Battle times during a set time period, similar to Clan Wars in a way.  To elaborate: let's say during peak hours, a call of battle of sorts appears on the screen, somewhat unobtrusive, with a countdown that states the time until a Grand Battle starts and the random single tier (say 5 to 10) that will be in play.  So in knowing that this battle is coming, players can ready up in the appropriate tier vehicle, select a ready button and be assured that they are going to be in an upcoming Grand Battle by the time the countdown timer finishes.  Ideally this would occur 2 to 3 times an hour during peak hours, and maybe even themes can be associated with it, such as an obvious Allies vs Axis set up.

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