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Gameplay SUCKS, Match Maker is rigged, and coded accts.

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TyGator #1 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 03:33


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What a messed up group of Folks, managing this game !!!


Surely I used to enjoy this game a lot, that is until the Match Maker has been manipulated so bad that it is pathetic to think that you folks are putting ANY effort towards making this game as fair as it can be for the customers you have and invest into their hobbies.  I have been playing a long time, here and used to get plenty of enjoyment out of the gameplay, but IT IS hard to believe what you folks at WoT are doing to those of us that are paying your salaries and such for our choice of entertainment.  WHEN IT COMES TO YOU FOLKS CODING the accts. of selected people to be a strong arm to those of us that are battling the gameplay and unable to battle the people inside the game itself.  I surely thought you folks were offering a straight up game where knowledge and skill of strategies paid off to those of us that use it.  WHEN YOU ARE CODING selected people and making their ACCURACY, DISTANCE of ATTACK, INVISIBLE TANKS that can approach another player within 10 meters before they are seen is PITIFUL.  I am working off the points and such I have invested to you people for the last time and I will be uninstalling your product because of the fraudulence I am seeing going on with EVERY ASPECT of this game.  CODE enough and set Match Maker up to group these people together and PURPOSELY suck the life out of resources that MANY of us invest in is surely in my opinion is CRIMINAL.  This post will not be responded too much, that is IF it is even left up on the forum for people to be advised of the behaviors and tactics you people are doing in order to pad your pockets of many!!!  This is a sad day to see this behavior again as it has been used in several games but not so surprising to me in this game with the attitudes I have encountered on mere tickets I have posted to you folks during events and updates.  THE MISSING ITEMS IN MY ACCT. JUST SOMEHOW ARE GONE. Of Course I get the ole general [edited]about maybe I did not have them OR can you prove it to us that you had them to begin with.  Well, these days are coming to an end for me as I am disabled and this is surely one way for me to satisfy myself in this game to divert attention away from very serious issues in real life.  Now after seeing the activities you folks are doing to intentionally try to bring in more MONEY FROM  YOUR GREED IS NOT GOING TO CAUSE ME MORE PROBLEMS TO DEAL WITH AND NOT BE HAVING ANY FUN WITH THE GAME ANYMORE.  YOU ALL should really be ashamed of your behaviors and may the KARMA you are playing have HER way with you ALL in the very  near future and show you ALL how it is for the behaviors you are using on the people that help SUPPORT YOU MORONS.  Sorry to say but you folks HAVE EARNED THIS TAG and it surely will not be funded by Myself for sure as of NOW!!!  I hope that you will realize that the scripts and such that you are using to change these codes is really IGNORANT and SURELY in my opinion CRIMINAL.   Good Luck WoT, hope Karma pays you a visit SOOOON.


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cKy_ #2 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 03:36


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This is some next level conspiracy s**t 

gpc_4 #3 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 03:37


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The extensive capitalizations really drive the tinfoil hattery home. 

Gothraul #4 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 03:39


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Some of it is WG but people are ignoring that XVM is a big part of the issue where people are misusing it causing meta issues.

_Tsavo_ #5 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 03:42


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It's not rigged.  It's fair.   Why is it fair?   Well, the more you bring (or don't bring)  to the fight, the more (or less)  you win. 


Want more wins?   Brush up on maps, positions, when to press and fall back, and when to use the tools given to you.   It isn't easy, but it isn't super hard. 


So long as you're looking to blame exterior forces, you'll never see better results as you'll continue to play a 14 v 15 game, hoping the 14 others can pick up the slack. 



No one gets a "coded" account, mate.   We all get the same fickle MM.   What you do with what we get served is up to you.  

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Morania #6 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 03:50

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ArmorStorm #7 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 04:04


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OP says "disabled"...

I'm guessing mentally?

shinglefoot #8 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 04:11


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     This is what happens when being divorced from reality is given a platform...

GeorgePreddy #9 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 04:35


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Well... at least your clan name is accurate.







venom286 #10 Posted Dec 13 2018 - 05:06


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i was taking your post into consideration then i looked at your stats 

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