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A novel idea for my fellow players

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RaynorShyne #1 Posted Dec 14 2018 - 02:40


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As stated in the title, I've a novel idea for my fellow players:  in fact, I've a couple:


  • Think for yourself.  The game isn't all that hard to figure out.  Stats doesn't mean bumpkiss.  It's a game.  Enjoy it.  Find something you like and do not let someone tell you the thing YOU like is 'worthless' or 'broken'.
  • The YouTube Warriors are making money off of you.  I like Quickybaby.  I like several of the others.   I seldom agree with everything they say, but they're enjoyable nonetheless.  The devoted 'Coven of the QB' that's formed over the last few days is.....disturbing.   
  • Turn off chat for a day or two.   It's refreshing
  • If you like arty - play arty: It's not going anywhere.  Don't listen to the whiners
  • If you don't like arty - don't play it: It's not going anywhere.  Don't listen to the clicker-defenders
  • and finally: For every negative post, every negative comment - try posting something positive.  We're all playing a game together, like a pack of 5-year-olds around a Candyland board game.  Don't be the kid who gets all pissy because you didn't land on the mountain pass.  Be the kid that others like to play with.  Who knows - you might make a friend.

BigDollarBillz #2 Posted Dec 14 2018 - 03:24


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This is a very well put together post OP +1. It would be great if we all could come together like one big family. Could you imagine how fun the game would become for everyone that isn't a bot.

gmotoman #3 Posted Dec 14 2018 - 03:27


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Points!!!!!!! for you Sir! or MaDAME

BillDing1 #4 Posted Dec 14 2018 - 03:36

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Have you ever played candy land? that [edited] is rage inducing.

StoveBolt54 #5 Posted Dec 14 2018 - 03:44


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Well said.


Sláinte !

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