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Very low FPS.

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Captain_Obvious65 #1 Posted Dec 15 2018 - 18:47

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For two days now the FPS in game and sometimes in the garage had been very low. I'm seeing 20-30 FPS. Ping is anywhere from normal for me 40 to 50 but occasionally jumping up to 100 - 120. I have run the client repair. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing fixes it. I have asked in battle if others have this problem a few say their FPS is a little low 45-50. Has anyone else had this problem?


It did not start with the Holiday Ops. The first day went smoothly. 


I am getting a similar problem with WoWS. No other game is doing this. I get 80+ FPS I have run several speed tests from different servers and everything seems to be where it should, 48 to 50 MB/s download, 4.5 to 5 MB/s upload. I am at a loss as to what the problem is.


I am running am 6600K I5 and a GTX970. I do have a bearing going bad in one of the graphics card's fans but that should not be causing anything like this. 


If anyone has any ideas I am all ears.

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