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Sniper mode bug (Maus)

sniper mode bug maus low marker reticle

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GradorGamer #1 Posted Dec 15 2018 - 22:47


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When I enter sniper mode with my Maus, the marker gets lower, and this stops me from firing on obstacles that are obviously lower than my tank. (I'm not using mods or anything like that)


* Please, watch the video to understand what I say: https://www.youtube....h?v=x1AfPWpEFRg


Note that in sniper mode the Maus seems to be lower and smaller, I asked my friend to play with another Maus to compare, and maybe you can figure out that when I shoot, the bullet flies over the marker. As if it were not enough a weapon with so little penetration, and now this bug ...

CanadianAnthrax #2 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 01:30


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I have the exact same problem in the 60TP. I am using mods but even after uninstalling them the bug is still happening. Anyone know how to fix it?

Lewi_the_60TP #3 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 04:26


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Yeah, I'm experiencing the same thing in my 60TP. I've noticed the gun feels more derpy than normal, and this is definitely why.

Kj3d #4 Posted Dec 18 2018 - 03:33


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Yeah same here I made a video to see if anyone else is getting it

Fat_Bob_1 #5 Posted Dec 18 2018 - 04:28

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My VK100.01P is doing the same thing. Zoom and suddenly the shot is blocked. That and when in an arty and use the G key it snaps onto all kinds of thing "around" what you're aiming at.


I think I smell a rat...:sceptic:

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