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Abandoned Stats -- Does it Matter?

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UnturnedLeaf #21 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 08:18

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View PostSiege_Engine, on Dec 15 2018 - 19:40, said:

Abandoned Stats -- Does it Matter?


Please let me begin with my story.  I began WOT because my son said that I might like it.  I played the bottom tiers and got smoked, because, let's face facts, I didn't really care.  

I played that soccer game that came out, it was a laugh!  I played it with the obj140. I played the obj140 and enjoyed its power, compared to tier II, it was magnificent.  I dedicated myself to grinding to it as fast as I could.  A few weeks later the obj140 was in my garage.  


It all made sense. I would always be high tier.  Best tank, ever. 


I had sold everything to get the Obj140.  I thought that it would make me all powerful.  My crew stank.  I had no equipment.  Worst, of all, I had no clue.  I played 100's of battles in it.  My win rate was 40%, at best.  


Fast forward, some kind people here had pity on me and gave me lots of advice. I went back to tier VI and worked to get better.  It worked, a little. 


If I'm sober, then I can hold my own in tier VI.  I know to buy OP tanks to win.  I know to buy gold shells and spam them to win.  I know to buy consumables and spam them to win.  I'm not great.  But, today, I can get a MOE only most anything at tier VI.  I can make mad credits.  But, I'm getting bored.  

Back to the obj140.  I will never save its 40% win rate.  That's too far gone.  But I still love playing it.  Sometimes, I do 3,500 direct damage, plus assist.  Sometimes, I do 300 direct damage, and die.  


Yet, tier X is more fun.  People seem to have more of a clue.  


But I like to just "have fun".   I don't take it so seriously.  


So here's the question:  Do my stats matter?  Do I simply abandon any issue of "stats"?   Do I play the Obj140 when I'm not sober?   Do I try my best, or just have a good time?  I have no idea -- technically -- how ANYONE can have a 40% win rate -- I mean ... if it's a team?  


But that doesn't matter.  I just want to enjoy what I paid real cash to play.  Is that okay?  


Can I just have fun and F-all my stats?  Is that okay?  Do I abandon all thought of my stats? 


Or, not?  

stats, win rate don't matter. unless MM Is unbalanced purposely to skew power to one side to ensure games don't last too long and you're used as fodder for the PTW players. or the pay for advantage players. faster games, more $$

Astralite #22 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 09:14


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I haven't looked at my stats in like 2-3 years. I don't care. I yolo, quit out of battles, jump off of things and die, whatever. I do not care one bit any more. I spent about a year trying to purposely sabotage my winrate to give me some XVM camo but I didn't make much of a dent in it.


Moral of the story is, uninstall XVM and stop worrying about it. Play the game and have some fun. 

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