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I would like to thank Wargaming Support....

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Bavor #21 Posted Dec 19 2018 - 01:59


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View PostAvalon304, on Dec 18 2018 - 14:19, said:

Low leve support staff doesnt have the ability to look into how the game is coded to see if your "bug" exists. All they can do internally is put it in a report to send to Minsk. Youre very likely to get a form letter response in this case.


If they did pass the information along for someone to check on, they could have actually done their job properly and said so.  I've received responses form support years ago when reporting an error that said it would be passed along.  That shows me most of the support staff doesn't care about doing their job properly and doesn't care if the customers are satisfied.  In the long run that hurts the company and Wargaming should look into that.


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Generally, my experience has been positive with support with getting no form letters. I may not always get the result I want either, but Ive always gotten a non-form letter answer to tickets that required them. (For instances I once asked if I could have my Defender swapped fro a nomral 252u... while they told me that wasnt possible, they did answer me personally. On the otherhand I reported someone for physics abuse (pushing me out) and I did get a form letter for that, saying appropriate actions were taken, but that was all I expected for something that is likely reported often).


As is often the case with any support team, any individual persons experience may vary.


In my experience most of the customer support people are the copy and paste form letter types and don't even read the ticket.  I've received replies several times that were not related to my question or problem at all.  It was obvious that whoever answered the ticket skimmed it for a few key words, copied and pasted, and moved on.


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 Additionally... you being surprised that calling out Level3 out on twitter for packet loss problems was faster than going through Wargaming  is funny. Ofcourse going directly to the source is a faster way of getting a problem solved.


I'm shocked that I got a faster result than Wargaming or the datacenter hosting Wargaming servers did because Wargaming and the datacenter are paying customers.  I get faster results than paying customers?  It makes me think that there is no monitoring of the connection to Wargaming's servers at the times when players from across the US and Canada were reporting issues Wargaming brushed it off as nothing.


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