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My Feedback on 2019 MM changes


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_Major_Tomato #1 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 15:32


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WG, thanks for listening on MM.  My feedback on the possible 2019 changes to MM are its a good thing if it gives us more +1/-1 matches than +2/-2.  I don't mind waiting a little extra time in the queue, really.  +2 doesn't work well these days due to upper tier vehicles wide range of power.  The super strong T8's make life hard at T6, the T10's make life hard on T8 etc...  lets shoot for as many +1 or same tier matches as possible if we're changing MM.


Next, lets consider some re balancing for the LEFH!

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t8z5h3 #2 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 15:36


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It will still be +2/-2 mm also that SPG is premium they don’t nerf premiums so it can only get better witch people already call it OP

dont_ping_me #3 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 16:05


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I saw nothing in the proposed changes that prevent you from being bottom tier 90% of the time.

Previously they had said there would be a tracking feature that would make sure you get top/mid/bottom equally, but they did not say that yesterday. This makes me very concerned.

It has been 2 years since they created this problem, and it is still not fixed. If the changes do not improve the situation much, do we have to wait another 2 years?

bluenose711 #4 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 17:21


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I'm not sure what WoT has against same tier matches. Players would learn as they progress up the tiers and you would be better able to 'carry' a bad team. Instead we have players frustrated and unable to contribute much to the battles because they are bottom tier most of the time, racing up tech trees because they are tired of playing bottom tier, and facing the wrath of experienced (and immature) players for racing up the tech tree without learning how to play the game.

Same tier matches should be the priority mm, 5 - 10 second, and 3-5-7 should be the lowest priority.

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