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WOWS ammo is how WOT should have been from the beginning

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NeatoMan #21 Posted Dec 20 2018 - 05:03


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View PostFlarvin, on Dec 19 2018 - 22:01, said:

Having three options is more complicated than having two. Thought it was kind of obvious. lol


Most WoT players do not have luxury of a credit reserve or actual money to run 100% prem ammo. Players that do are the minority. 


If both rounds have the same chance to pen and do the same damage, neither is superior to the other. In fact since AP is far cheaper, it is the superior round to use. 

But they don't have the same chance to pen.  Even if it's overkill 75%, or 90% of the time that still leaves a large number of shots where it isn't.  It also makes auto-aim a better option when circling a heavily armored tank.


What does cost have to do with effectiveness?   It should not factor into any discussion about superiority.  Cost is a non-factor when you start shelling out money, so spud's correct, talking about cost only plays into the p2w argument.   Apart from cost there is not much downside to spamming premium rounds.  Cost is a retarded balancing mechanism

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