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In regards to the upcoming changes to 2019

Matchmaking premium ammo Arty

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Squashballs #1 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 20:11


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The matchmaker could be fixed in 2 ways. Make it to where only tier 1 vs tier 2, tier 3 vs tier 4, tier 5 vs tier 6, tier 7 vs tier 8, tier 9 vs tier 10. This will help with the balancing of tanks as well because now tier 8's dont have to try and pen tier 9s and 10s. If you are worried about que times then make it to where the first 15-30 seconds are spent trying to find a game with all the same tier, then the next 15-30 seconds are spent trying to find the suggested fix above, and the time after that could be spent trying to find a +1-1 variance, or could be made to try and get a 10v10 game or down to a 7v7 game. 

Also there needs to be a way to balance out the teams where one side is not full of top tier players and the other team is made up of all lower skilled players this is also killing the player base.


Premium ammo damage reduction is not going to solve the issue. The best way to solve the premium spam is by limiting the amount of that specific type of ammunition. Maybe make it like 10% of the total tank loadout can be premium. The only problem though is going to be the super heavy tanks that require premium ammo to be able to pen. The best solution though is going to be to reduce the amount of premium ammo a tank can carry so it is just not spammed and people have to put more thought into what ammo they want to bring.

Also rebalance HE rounds.


Also in 2019 y'all need to look into the arty and fix the arty. It is killing the player base. Arty needs to become a consumable that can be used in battle not a tank that is on the map. 

_1204_ #2 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 20:51

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I've said it once, and I will say it again... a nerf in premium ammo damage had better come with a price reduction. If it's a 30% nerf in damage, premium ammo should be no more than 2x normal ammo

VooDooKobra #3 Posted Dec 16 2018 - 20:53


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This is my opinion of the premium ammo, 


1. do the dmg reduction

2. make the base ammo even cheaper or even free

3. reduce the price of special ammo to make it more of a tactical choice 


as for arty being a consumable, yep people who hate arty now would love that instead of a indirect fire vehicle you now have any tank that can call in a arty strike and get you

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