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Thoughts on Players in Tier X vehicles with <2k Battles?

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The_Only_Informant #1 Posted Dec 18 2018 - 06:26


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        I've read a Reddit thread about players with an insanely-low amount of battles but are playing tier X tanks (in this link), and I was hoping to start a dialog as to whether or not, that by and large battles that include tier X tanks with such players ruins the game, as they don't have the experience of players around them with say, 45k battles. Granted, there are a plethora of "players" with over 100k battles that also don't understand the basics, or are flat-out bots. While I'll admit that I have, and sometimes still statshame, (only out of frustration that said person practically threw themselves into a fish barrel with 5 enemy tanks aimed at them) this post is more of an accountability issue I have with WG. According to the Reddit comments, people general just dump their wallets into premium tanks and premium time, and convert whatever combat xp they have extra on elite tanks into free xp. In a way, I believe that this is a Pay-to-Lose ability. Someone will pay for premium time/tanks and boosters, and even after just starting the game for the first time, WoT pushes you to tier IV in just a few battles. They're at tier IV with +50% xp/credits, + boosters, + premium tank rewards. Even the lower-end of mediocre players (maybe even some bots) can make it to tier VIII-IX, despite only playing for maybe a week. And as QB said in one of his recent videos, WoT doesn't have any useful tutorials other than just moving and shooting with your tank. And WG knows this, which is strange since they made tutorials in video form, and uploaded to YouTube, but didn't make them directly-impregnated into the game.

The status quo of WoT seems to be these 4 things:

  1. Entice new players
  2. Give them the least amount of information about actually playing the game
  3. Literally force them to see premium tanks in their garage (I understand the idea of advertising, but wow)
  4. Hope that they get tired of the normal grind and just open their (or their parents' wallets).

          For instance, the events where you can earn a "free tank." You either can invest the time, or just pay them the $60-$80 for the tank and all of the rewards. Maybe it's just me, but if I was retired, and wiser, I'd want to take my time to understand a video game, and look at it a little more methodically than just rush into the center of a map from the beginning of the battle. I might spend a few bucks here and there for novelty tanks, say from tier II-IV, and maybe even premium time. But with the events, I'd like to take my time. The advantage to trying to earn the vehicle, is you get playtime. And that time allows you to learn better tricks and tactics, and become more familiar with different tank classes and maps. But if you just open your wallet and buy every tank that's released, you're cheating yourself from having a meaningful experience in WoT.


          I'm sure by now, I sound like I'm trying to tell people how to spend their money, and I'm not, I'm asking WG to find a solution to the vast majority of players with little-to-no experience finding their way into tier VIII-X battles. My only idea would be for WoT to have a dialog box appear, asking what kind of gamer you are, like what Xbox did, whether you're more competitive, or you're laid back, or "underground" (what does that even mean?) And depending on which option you choose, you'll enter different queues within the same server. Of course this could become somewhat of a mess, because bot accounts can be set up to be put into competitive queues, as well, and kids (who are obviously underage according to the rating of WoT) who don't understand what the question means. Maybe after 200-500 or even 1000 battles, WoT can ask again which playstyle you prefer, after having some time in the game. But I think that this could mitigate some of the statshaming, as people who play WoT as a way to relax (how could you in its current state) will likely be put into battles with other people who are laid back.

cKy_ #2 Posted Dec 18 2018 - 06:47


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I have less than 2000 battles and a tier 10 tank, sue me

scHnuuudle_bop #3 Posted Dec 18 2018 - 08:03


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Any player who proceeds up the tech tree and gain the tier ten of that line, has completed the task required.


They earned the experience, therefore deserve their prize.

GeorgePreddy #4 Posted Dec 18 2018 - 11:57


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View PostThe_Only_Informant, on Dec 18 2018 - 02:26, said:

  I'm asking WG to find a solution to the vast majority of players with little-to-no experience finding their way into tier VIII-X battles.   The problem here is not with players finding a way to get to tier ten too quickly. The problem is that your expectations are WAY too high.

Atragon #5 Posted Dec 18 2018 - 12:50


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Dont worry, they end up on the other team also. They have paid their way to tier 10 and have helped fund the game. Crappers will be crappers and you just have to deal with crap players in high tier games. It is what it is. Move on and just keep playing and do your best. And dont let the last battle which your T110E5 hid behind the rock at base like an idiot distract you from you next game. You have to brush it off or it will snowball on you giving you a heck of a bad night.

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