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Bored with the current offerings so far in this year's advent calendar

premium tanks sale event advent calendar

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Gothraul #1 Posted Dec 18 2018 - 17:23


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Don't know how people feel or think about it but I am not impressed with what is there and I do hope there is a second chance offering for gold. Like people want a STG Guard when there is T-44-100 and Mod 1 other than for collecting and grinding ect.


Getting the flu for a second time within a month SUCKS.

24_inch_pythons #2 Posted Dec 18 2018 - 17:28


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eh, idk... I like the STG but I have one on EU, not going to buy another. If I want to play it I'll play it on EU. I'm not sure what people expect... there's only so many tanks that are not in the tech tree... and there's no new tanks except the French wheeled vehicles which will probably be the last day. Not impressed by the wheels either, met a super unicum twice last night he was playing it, lets just say he wasn't pwning everybody with it.

 So far all I've picked up is the Mauerbrecher. Had everything else, I think.

jamesdoz #3 Posted Dec 18 2018 - 18:29


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Hulk there are plenty,but wg doesn't want to sell at a "discount " Both Centorians T44-100 Progetto, Defender ,432 Is3a ,the new Swedish med. T25  Lefh although low tiers would be utterly destroyed they are bad now but it would be a waste land, that is ten off the top, give me 3 min and I could have another 20

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