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hiding your stats

hide the stats xvm xvm sucks xvm ruined the game xvm made this game toxic xvm makes toxic people worse

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_Tsavo_ #81 Posted Dec 23 2018 - 18:54


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View PostTyrion_Lannister, on Dec 20 2018 - 23:30, said:


in my opinion its way better off being random and not knowing.  instead of now where  people see what percentage of a chance they have to win.  Most of the time its always people complaining about that very chance. In rare instances ive seen people just straight kill them selves in the first 30 seconds, just because they didnt like the odds xvm gave them.  you also say its a good way to verify advice. dose this mean u dont take advice from people below your 58% wr ? ( nj btw).  there also not going to kill/remove xvm there just giving people the ability to hide stats in battle. 


In game, I see no reason to have stats visible in a match, which we seem to agree on, not having the ability to know who the enemy is.


As for the advise, yes and no.  Most advise that'll be given in a match by a bad player can usually be dismissed as it'll be a bad suggestion or not a good one for that particular moment in the game.  Here in the forums or in content creation arenas like youtube and twitch, the better someone is, the more their advise should be heeded as they've a proven track record.  


Advise in the forums is also equally easy to single out as good or bad based on what it is for experienced players, but it's the newbies who've come here who won't know any better who should have the ability to verify the source of the information.  


I generally won't take advise from players below my overall as I'm looking to keep improving, so players in the 60+ overall have advise that my ears perk up to.

Flarvin #82 Posted Dec 23 2018 - 20:43


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View PostGeoMonster, on Dec 22 2018 - 22:08, said:


No ... but if you can't see the toxic chat going on you are just NOT LOOKING or are ignoring it.


Oh ya, disagreeing with you is such “toxic chat.” lol

NeatoMan #83 Posted Dec 23 2018 - 21:26


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View PostTyrion_Lannister, on Dec 21 2018 - 13:20, said:

for the people saying that "people have been quitting since the game came out", yea i know.  people will always quit, people always have there own prerogative. ive been playing since 2011 ive seen it all. May i also remind you thats not what were talking about, that argument is almost null.  People quitting will always be a thing, we are specifically talking about people who cry about there team's chance to win . That is so much more common then people quitting for literally any other reason. also i seen multiple people in this post defending xvm say "people have been quitting for years before xvm came out"  

Who cares if they cry?  People cry about all sorts of crap.  This is just one other thing to add to the long list of other things.  Either get wrapped up with their crying or ignore it. 


I say "GG we lose" a lot if I'm having a bad night.  I don't quit, I'm just venting.   It has nothing to do with XVM.  I haven't used it since April of last year.    I have no idea what the matchups are like.   So is it really XVM that upsets you, or is it the chat that gets you riled up?   Removing XVM isn't go to do squat about the things people say in chat, or stop them from quitting battle.   So, grow a thicker skin, and realize that quitters will quit, XVM or not.  Always have, always will.


Block Quote

well then since world of tanks went live in 2011 and xvm came around in 2012 (if xvm's website is correct) how many years were they doing that for then? hmmmm..... seems to me like they have been putting up with that xvm crap for so long they've gotten use to it and just accept it or just pretend outright like its not xvm giving them the info. im guessing most people forgot how long xvm was out for. (2012-2018)

 The stats part was originally quite clunky, so not all XVM users had that part active.  Plus I rarely see players who say they quit because of what XVM says.  You just assume it's XVM.  Again, it's just another excuse for bad players to quit.  They will still quit without XVM

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GeoMonster #84 Posted Dec 24 2018 - 02:10


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View PostFlarvin, on Dec 23 2018 - 13:43, said:


Oh ya, disagreeing with you is such “toxic chat.” lol


Huh??  You are making absolutely no sense.

eisen1973 #85 Posted Dec 24 2018 - 02:31


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Hiding stats and incoming bots.... I love how competitive the game will be. 

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