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WoT Xmas 2019 rewards Book Collection

Xmas Collection Xmas 2019 Rewards camouflage Tampered Glass

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Altwar #21 Posted Jan 11 2019 - 22:07


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View PostWarghoul, on Jan 11 2019 - 13:02, said:

Anyone have a problem crafting a specific ornament for the 2019 collection straight from the book?  I have ONE left at tier 4 ornament for the New Years collection and after crafting 40 times, directly from the book, it continually gives me a different ornament, and STILL not the one I need to finish.  Starts to feel like a scam...sheesh


 Not had this issue.  At most it has taken me 3 times to craft something directly from the collection book.  When I have tried to craft something directly and have been unsuccessful, I will close out of the holiday part completely and will return to the normal garage screen and then re-enter to try again.  I have no real idea if this does anything but I have only crafted duplicates back to back just a couple of times.

tinketron #22 Posted Jan 11 2019 - 23:30


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Yes i have had the same issue too. But not to that many, but i can see how frustrating it can be, i think it took me 6 to 9 tries to get the decor I needed to complete my collection. I too started to think I was being scammed! Spending 1.8k shards, it took me hundred dollars worth of presents and hundreds of battle Holiday Ops mission to complete to collect these items. Its best yo battle in the mission for a week or two before purchasing the presents.

Fedorenko #23 Posted Jan 13 2019 - 11:50


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Gaagh!  Collections.  Trying to complete Christmas Collection.  Need 2 Level IV and 4 Level V.  I saved up over 17k in shards. Rolled ten times for the Level IV striped silver cone: 7 boxes, 3 striped balls, no cone. Random my [edited]. Why oh why did I fall for this again this year??  I am done with this.


its_wabbit_season #24 Posted Jan 14 2019 - 01:17


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I'm actually having troubles identifying some items.  I see that each decoration has an icon to show what part of the decorating it is.  I still need several level 4 & 5 that are marked for tree.  Since they appear to be different than the lights, garland, and ornaments, I can't tell if I'm trying to craft the right item.  Like others in this thread, I keep getting anything BUT what I need to complete a collection.  I'd appreciate any help.

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