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Previewing Tanks Bug

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IndyWolf17 #1 Posted Dec 23 2018 - 05:43


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When previewing a tank from the tech tree, it works fine. However, if a vehicle returns from battle while you are previewing a tank, the returned vehicle overrides the previewed tank, and the model is replaced. The preview still displays the stats, modules, crew, research, etc. of the previewed tank, but the visual model is instead the model of the tank that returned from battle while previewing the selected tank.


In my particular instance, I had just returned from a battle where my AMX 12 t was destroyed. I previewed the Tier X Soviet Self-Propelled Gun, the Object 261. The preview worked as expected, but when the AMX 12 t returned from battle, it replaced the model of the Obj. 261, but nothing else. The standard crew, modules, overview, vehicle stats, and research cost were all still visible and correct from the Obj. 261.


Before AMX Returns: https://ibb.co/RQvV2zB

After AMX Returns: https://ibb.co/ynKB43W

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