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WoT Replays on Desktop

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ColSparky #1 Posted Dec 25 2018 - 20:03


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Hoping this is in the right section.


I am getting a "python.txt" and WoT Replays Folder on my desktop after I play a few matches. I do have the "Record all battles" selected on my settings, but the recordings have been in the C:\Games\World of Tanks\replays up until 1-2 weeks ago. I haven't done anything differently to my install location, and the games been running flawlessly. How do I get my recordings to go back to C:\... and stop putting these files on my desktop??

MagillaGuerilla #2 Posted Dec 25 2018 - 20:30


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Drag the folder back to your C drive ?

PapioTitan #3 Posted Dec 25 2018 - 20:42


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Is the replays folder also in its normal location, i.e., there are two replay folders? Does your python log tell you anything about replays? I don't see anything about it in my python logs.


I would run the file checker. For some reason, the WoT client can't write to the normal location due to (possible) file permissions.


Sorry I can't be of more help. GL



tritium4ever #4 Posted Dec 31 2018 - 21:37

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I'm getting this issue as well. I got a new hard drive a few days ago, so I decided to get WoT off my SSD (which was running out of space) and put it on the HDD instead. I uninstalled the game off the SSD, then reinstalled it onto the new HDD, and now my replays and python.log are going to the desktop.


I don't think it's a permission issue as I can read and write to the new HDD without problems (in fact, WoT is the only thing on the new HDD right now).

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