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Any really good heavy drivers want to look and see?

Obj. 257

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24_inch_pythons #1 Posted Dec 26 2018 - 06:55


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 Looking for feedback on this one from experienced heavy drivers. Any thoughts about the battle? Improvements?


Ammo_Rework_Is_Dumb_ #2 Posted Dec 26 2018 - 07:32


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First of all get rid of 7 HE rounds. Really dumb if you get into a situation and your left with HE.

Went hull down exposing your turret, basics of a heavy that has that play style.

Kinda took an unnecessary shot from the T30, watch the mini map a bit more as I clearly saw him moving up and he wasn't spotted until around the rock. 


Otherwise, you get the understanding of playing heavies.

I'm not one to complain about gold spam, when it comes to heavy brawls its almost a must. With the amount of armour in the game and also the standard pen on most heavies isn't enough to consistently pen. 

That's also another big improvement and key to heavy brawls, make your shots pen. Quicker you dish that damage more likely you will win the flank.

I abused the Maus at its prime. Miss those days :(


Yeah no binos :D Didn't notice it until I read TimeForWar's post 

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TimeForWar #3 Posted Dec 26 2018 - 07:38


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I would not put binos on heavy tank.

You should be using vert stabs/rammer/optics or vert stabs/rammer/vents.
Your loadout was 18/12/10, you don't need all that HE.
You were top tier in 3/5/7 MM.
Good weak spot aiming on Defender.
T30 hit was not necessary to take.
E75 fired HE into you a few times, you traded well with him.
It was a quick game, nothing too impressive,  you went 1 line and did your job as a top tier heavy.
Enemy really had no team 15-6.

Good job getting damage out and using your armor.

The Object 257 is a strong tank, have fun with it.

I have 3 marked mine. I have 194 games in it, 2750 dpg, 66% winrate solo.

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death_stryker #4 Posted Dec 26 2018 - 08:14

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Can't say I'm experienced with heavies in general, but I have played the 257 a whole bunch, and do ok in it (2300 DPG?). The people above me have already said the major things.


Only thing no one has mentioned yet is the end of that engagement against the E 75, which could have been played better. Between shots, you backed up really far, allowing the E 75 (who even had the stock gun, as we can see from the 320 alpha) to pen you. The better play was to facehug them and shoot their hull deck (40mm = overmatch) or sidehug them after they waste their shot. Should you choose to back up that far, you should massively overangle your front (60+ degrees), since a ton of people don't know about the 257's upper plate weakness and waste their shot into your side or tracks. I routinely bounce shots that I really shouldn't bounce doing this; also make sure to rock back and forth while wiggling to confuse enemies as much as possible.


At its most basic, the 257 is a tank about reducing the effectiveness of its enemies. It's not a particularly good tank on paper, because it isn't. What it lacks in power level, it makes up for in ability to frustrate. Thus, to play the 257 well, one must play in an unexpected fashion, such that enemies panic and/or get tilted.


Edit: I often do things like randomly showing my side to enemies, and it usually surprises them so much that they fluff their shot. For me this kind of stuff works hilariously well, and is probably the main reason why I enjoy the 257 so much. Would recommend this strat to all non-tryhards. Also, reverse sidescraping is especially useful in the 257, since its upper front plate is horrible but its side armor is great.


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