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T-10 or Obj. 257?

T-10 Obj. 257

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Nameless321 #1 Posted Dec 26 2018 - 16:35


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I'm currently working through the IS-3, and I was wondering what the T-10 and Obj. 257 are like. From what I've read, people think the T-10 is a little more challenging but ultimately more fun to play while the Obj. 257 is better armored but has a weaker gun compared to the T-10. I'm debating which one to use my Holiday Ops Discount on.


I also want to take into account the top-tier heavies that they lead to. The T-10 leads to the Obj. 277, which I've heard is a good tank, but those discussions were from several months ago and I'm not sure if there have been any nerfs or changes. How do the play styles of the IS-7 and Obj. 277 differ?



airsoft_man #2 Posted Dec 26 2018 - 16:45

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the Is7 and the 257 are more beginner friendly, the IS7 you have to press "2" a lot (because of the bad pen) but the armor is great. The

257 is just a monster, the side armor is Really good and allows for mistakes like over angling when you side scrape. 

the 277 and T-10 and faster, with good turret armor. I like the guns on the 277 and T-10 a lot more than the IS7 and the 257. 

basically, the Is7 line is more forgiving to you. I would recommend that line, (or you could just go for both of them :trollface:

good luck! see you on the battlefield! 



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