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[ECOM] Is Open And Recruiting, All Players Welcome!

Clan Recruitment ClanWars CWs New Players

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Call_Me_Ghost #1 Posted Dec 28 2018 - 00:21


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-Welcome To Easy Company- 

-Who Are We?

The Leadership of this clan in World Of Tanks have been friends since 2013. We all found each other randomly in battles going back as long as 5 years. All of our leadership in World Of Tanks are seasoned veterans of Clan combat. The officers of our clan all have over 10,000 battles. The main leaders of ECOM are Call_Me_Ghost, Sniprofice, Soban, and Orlando556.

 -Why Did We Start This Clan?

When we founded this clan the original goal was a community for people to have so they could find others and be able to never play alone. Always having someone to platoon with almost 24/7. But recently our goal has somewhat shifted. The most sought after and hardest resource in the game for FTP players to collect is Gold. What is the most effective way to get gold in game besides buying it? Well Clan Wars. That is our goal. To get the players that cant afford gold, gold and to be a community for people to be able to join and build. 

-Where Is The Name [ECOM] From?

This clan [ECOM] was originally started under a different name 4 years ago. It only recently changed its name to ECOM or Easy Company. We changed to ECOM because our friends over on World Of Warships had a clan called ECOM and they were doing very well with members and with Clan Wars. So we decided to open a World Of Tanks clan of the same name.

-Skill Requirements.

We at the moment are not requiring any WN8 or Winrate numbers but what we do ask is that you are open to constructive criticism on your play so that you can improve in the future. Not everyone is Unicum but all of us were Tomato's at one point or another. But it does not have to stay that way.

-Tier And Activity Requirements.   

 At the moment we do not require members have any certain tier. But we do ask that you are an active player in the clan. Be that in Discord or in clan chat. 

​-General Clan Rules And Guidelines

NSFW content should be put into the appropriate discord channels. Memes (As long as they are SFW) can be put into meme channels or used as reactions to comments made by other players.

We Will Not Tolerate

1. Attacks launched on people in clan or discord chat or in private messages. We ask players that are targeted by this harassment to please send a screenshot to one of the Administrators and the appropriate action will be taken against the violator of the rules.

2. Our name [ECOM] is our name. When you join one of the ECOM clans you are by definition representing us in front of the player bases of World Of Tanks, World Of Warships and other games that we may be involved in. Do not tarnish our Reputation. Please contain toxicity (Believe us. World Of Tanks, we know is extremely toxic. If a player launches insults at you there is a Blacklist button that you can press to make that player go away forever. 

3. Bullying of any kind. 

4. We generally will not tolerate anything most other clans would not tolerate.

-Why Should You Choose Us Over Other Clans? 

The main reasons you should choose us over other clans is that we are a casual but serious group. You will earn gold from clan wars if you choose to participate and you will find that the community that we put together is unrivaled by any clan on the American Servers. 

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GRUMPY__reaper #2 Posted Dec 28 2018 - 02:05


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I have a small group in our clan that is looking for an active clan for CW, SH etc... send me a discord invite. so we can figure it out 






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