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Is my way of thinking off?

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Po1ar_Gaming #1 Posted Dec 30 2018 - 08:38


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Hey guys,

I wrote some content on the Blitz forums a while back about my thoughts on random matchmaking and the role a tank plays. What do you guys think? Please leave comments about if you think this applies to PC, or if you just disagree with me. I am totally good with criticism, provided that it is in a constructive form so that everyone can understand. 

BTW: my IGN on Blitz is I_Maverick_I


This game is more like a game of chess than anything, with one obvious change, each player gets to control one, and only one, piece. The goal is to work together as one. So consider this: don't play to your advantage, play to the teams. Here's a few things to accept:


- The tank you decide to play has a fundamental role for your team to succeed. Of course, things can be played differently, but if you enter into the queue with a light tank, your team has an expectation for you to do a few things; namely spotting, luring the enemy into a bad position, and wrapping up kills. If you enter into the queue with a tank destroyer, you need to drive your tank into a firing lane where you can predict the enemy will go and start dealing lots of damage. Playing a heavy means you need to frontline (most of the time), keep the enemy's attention on you for most of the time, and lead charges. If you want to play a medium, you need to be ready to do pretty much everything, you're like a substitute that can play pretty much all the positions but not as well. If you want to play an SPG, you need to find somewhere on the map where you will be able to provide supporting fire for your tanks that are carrying out their roles, like front lining heavies or spotting lights, and not be easily flanked or spotted by the enemy.


- You will not win all your games. It's impossible to win 100% of your matches. And some of that will be because of your teammates. But over 70% of battles you get, regardless of the team you land with, or that the reds get, are winnable based on YOUR actions. About 40% of those matches will be easy wins, in fact, you could be an AFK bot and you'll still win 20-25% of your matches (more so on PC than Blitz because more players per team means it's less of an impact if one player does poorly/nothing.) The other 30% is still possible to win, but increasingly relies on your actions in-game. For example, if you want to reach 50% WR, you're going to have to carry your own weight (dealing as much damage as your tank's HP when in lights, mediums, and heavies, and a bit more if in a TD or SPG; trying to get at least 1 spot per game, and to get at least one kill per game if you're going to die as well). If you want to get to 60% WR, you're going to need to prioritize the team rather than your own stats sometimes, be able to quickly think, and play a supportive role throughout the game to make the match as easy as possible for your teammates to do something and not be completely useless. If you want to get to 70%+ WR, you're going to need to be as perfect as you can be, and accept that your endless carries will stop not be enough for the more than occasional potatoes than end up on your team.


- Last thing to remember is that the key to success is a combination of quick thinking and knowledge of the game. Experience+intelligence=wins. Part of winning is spamming the battle button and getting familiar with the in-game controls, learning the sniper and spotting positions on maps, practicing your aim, all that. A trained monkey can do all that, but it's still needed. The real skill, however, comes from your thought process while in-game. It starts when you first get the list of enemy and friendly players. You start analyzing the tanks each team has, and making an inference on how the battle will play out before it does. then its just a matter of executing. Made a bad inference? Always leave room for mistakes and be able to rotate away whenever you play, or play with platoon mates that can make it easier for you to play your role, like a platoon mate spotting for you when you are in a TD or SPG, or a platoon mate that will provide suppressive fire for you to back out of a sticky situation.




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Po1ar_Gaming #2 Posted Jan 02 2019 - 06:28


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Uh, anyone here?

latvius #3 Posted Jan 03 2019 - 21:52

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If I could start over I would have watched you tubers to get education on a visual basis of what to do and not do.  Taugrim has the best.

If your goal is a good w/r you need to platoon.

Try and make it a habit to look at the minimap after each shot, also I count to 10 or 12 out loud after I am spotted and returned to cover.  Arty may be counting too so if he just popped you count longer.  Run food when practical instead of fire ext it is surprising how much spotting dmg you get.

View range is super important

Turn off xvm no good will come of it.

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