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Can we please address the levels of poor RNG/hidden factors put against the better players of WoT

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EmperorJuliusCaesar #21 Posted Jan 03 2019 - 17:31


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View Postspeedfasteric2, on Jan 02 2019 - 10:44, said:

Firstly, I am aware of the potential for my response to this being biased, selective memory and all that. But hear this out.


If a player chooses to use the abilities of their tank to their advantage, should they be rewarded for doing so? I hope you answer yes to this question, and from here I am going to assume you have.


In this given battle, I am playing a BatChat 25t with a camo crew and doing my job spotting, there is nothing noteworthy about the first six minutes of the match, however, very close to the 9:00 mark I had an example of what many people would brush off as bad RNG. However, for me it is a common occasion, happening every three or every other match. 


In this instance, using logic that the T110E4 would not spot me with a house infront of him, I made my way around to his flank and rear where his lack of situational awareness left me unnoticed. I took advantage of this, help my fire and planned on unloading all five shells into his rear drive wheel for some easy damage. Solid plan, no?


So I park my tank roughly 20-30 meters away at a slight angle to the E4 and aim accordingly.First shot I take, for whatever reason decided to phase through the hull of the E4,and bury itself into the ground underneath the E4's opposite track.


Linked are two photos merged that show the exact shot as it was taken from two angles.






Now before I get the whole, "get off the forums, this is just a one time thing" spiel, This isnt an isolated event. I've had spot go through turret hatches in previous matches, I've had kill shots on tanks that are side on that have been calculated by websites like Tanks.gg as 100% chances to pen, bounce or not pen. If anyone is interested, ill go through my replays file to find the example I'm thinking of, involving an AMX ELC bis with the 90mm firing standard AP at a side-on SU-100y.


I get that RNG effects everyone and yes, these shots are bound to happen every now and again. But for me, a self-proclaimed better than average player, these feel greatly as if they happen far to often. I can imagine that many players at a similar level and above also feel the same way. I can mention other instances, and Ill do so if asked, but not in this post, as this is getting lengthy as is.


I'm not sure what your ping is, but what you see on your screen may not be what the server calculated.  When I was in the US and had 20-25 ping I didn't see this too often, but now back in Asia I see it happen more.  Many are just plain server calculated misses that don't show correctly.

latvius #22 Posted Jan 03 2019 - 18:09

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So good players are targeted with bad RNG, isn't this the current reason for all gold loadout is to mitigate RNG?


So you already have a known problem with a known solution, load all gold.  Problem solved.

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