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All the advice you can give on the E-25 and IS-3A please.

Please satan help me

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RommelcaustRadio #1 Posted Jan 02 2019 - 06:56


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Definitely not a humblebrag, I unboxed these and don't want to go into games only to let teams down.
Don't really play soviet heavies, at least nothing with such a low profile. As for the E-25 the only TDs I really play are the Marder, Stug III G and F.Pak40 so I have essentially no high tier TD experience.

Any tips you can give me on playing these new vehicles would be highly appreciated. There's nothing worse than getting hold of tanks people have claimed to be "idiotproof" only to end up with red stats and the feeling that you probably could have been an asset instead of just another tank husk.

cKy_ #2 Posted Jan 02 2019 - 07:21


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With the IS-3A, just stick with the heavies and try to trade effectively. E 25, if you aren't particularly good at the game, it's probably best if you stay back and snipe.

NomaeTheJester #3 Posted Jan 02 2019 - 08:22


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IS-3A: Drive forward, wait for enemy to fire, peek out and fire 3 shots at him, pull back, continue to play as a normal heavy would. When you need to reposition, wait for your shots to come back so you can do it again.


E-25: A bit more complicated and definitely not idiot-proof. Max out your camo and stay at range until the end of the match, then you can pretend to be a light tank.

JakeTheMystic #4 Posted Jan 02 2019 - 08:32


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IS3-A: It can make a great support tank at bottom tier or you can play it as a up-front clubbing machine. You basically dump your clip at first engagement and then play it as a normal IS-3 (kinda more like the IS-5 style) and go from there. 


E-25: Max out your concealment as much as possible. Get a camo crew, BIA, vents, rammer, camo net. If you have the bonds use the concealment directive. Use food instead of a fire extinguisher. That should get you something like 71.6% concealment while stationary and then you just laugh at the enemy while you poke them to death from 100m away while they can't spot you. 


-Currently haven't 1 marked the IS-3a yet, havent played it for too many games. But I've been rocking a consistent 2k+ in it regardless if im bottom tier or not. 

-Nearly 3 marked the E-25, currently at 92%. I don't play it as much anymore but it is one beast of a tank. 

latvius #5 Posted Jan 03 2019 - 21:41

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IS-3A is not invincible, like any autoloader trade efficiently if it is not safe to sit there unloading all 3 shells than don't.  A lot of what I see is all the hype about the tank makes players think it is auto win.  I rarely use heat so you don't need to follow the wannabes methods and spam it.  Turret is really good but pike nose gets penned easily.  Run your loadout in multiples of 3


E-25 is fast which means it is easy to get in over your head (ask me how I know).  Best advice I have is to sit back most of the game then use your superior vision and camo late.  If your lights are uninformed you can use it as a spotter but be real careful shooting and getting spotted.  I run about 50/50 ap/gold skip HE, you can pen some things with AP but the tougher tanks you'll need to shoot gold.

lAimBotl #6 Posted Jan 06 2019 - 06:32


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I sometimes use my e25 like a scout tank when needed, and since it is mobile on some non ****** maps you can get side shots sometimes,

I have only 2 marked it so far, and with all the meh maps in rotation I doubt it would be easy to 3 mark it lel, maybe I can wait for another "rare" e25 sale

to 3 mark it since most e25 drivers seem to either be too aggressive or too passive,

eg: I saw a enemy e25 camp base all game and only got end game damage and lost due to draw, he was up against a AT 8 or was it an AT 15? a t69 (me) and 2 arty, 

long story short he lost cuz he camped till 1:00 and lost cuz he couldn't kill us all in time (he went to kill arty first, and AT was in enemy base with me, so yup)

Though base camp might be better than sui rushing people with it at the start.


It does have good dpm, so if you can catch peoples sides/rears if can really hurt them if they don't pay attention,

though if they turn toward me I tend to back off since its normally not worth it to "use ur dpm" with them shooting at you,

unless its a situation in your favor.


Sometimes I forget it is a mobile td and I end up staying in a spot too long.


I tend to only shoot ap, since it was my first credit tank, I do carry apcr, but don't expect it to pen super heavies fronts,

I use it for t29 upper front plates, since you have to shoot front lp with ap lel, but most of the time I see sides.


Don't be afraid to just get a shot off and run, not really worth it to take damage at the early stages of the battle,

since even on city maps it is a big threat with full hp in close games (its like an autoloader, but with an infinite clip lol).


Understanding bush mechanics can really help sometimes too.

(helps in almost all tanks really)


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InfinityGamer #7 Posted Jun 04 2019 - 11:40

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The one thing you need to realise about the E25 - its camo is RIDICULOUS. The E25 has more camo while firing than most stationary TDs. You can abuse this by setting up in bushes that light tanks would usually spot out of with a full camo crew and camo net, then just start blasting away at the enemy tanks without getting spotted. I recently 3 marked my E25, and if I could recommend one way to improve in it, I would say play some light tanks and learn light tank gameplay. Too many players will camp in an E25 because they think "oh it's a TD, it has good accuracy and good camo", however, this is not making the most out of the tank's capabilities. It has light tank maneuverability, so use it to move around and relocate! Unless you have stuff to shoot at don't just sit in the same position all game. It has light tank camo, so use it to get to an aggressive spotting location! I genuinely play my E25 like I would a light tank, just with the added bonus that I get to shoot what I spot without getting lit. Assuming the replays still work, here are some example games: 

- http://wotreplays.eu...initygamer-e_25


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