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gold haters need to explain why the hate

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Korvick #181 Posted Jan 18 2019 - 02:12


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View PostD1rkjr, on Jan 12 2019 - 14:30, said:


i never said you cant win without it either. But to act like it doesnt make you perform better is just being ignorant here man. Any shot you take with AP that had a less than 100% chance to pen is automatically more likely to pen with APCR.  Thats simply a fact. 


You are saying its Pay to Win.  I have been winning on my alt account without spending a dime.  Same rate.  No, I'm not saying that shooting gold ammo wont make you win more (I personally don't, but others may) but I can shoot gold without PAYING A CENT to WG.  Which means its not p2w.  That's just an easy excuse to use.


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