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Some Arty Related Comments Over Time (reposted by request)

SPG Arty Effective Use City Maps Dispersion Aiming-in Fully Patience Map Awareness Team Support

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dunniteowl #1 Posted Jan 04 2019 - 02:39


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I was asked to repost this set of Previous Comments in other threads here.  So I am.  This is from a: Newbie Question on SPG in City Maps.


Some posts of mine with regard to SPGs:


Best Arty for SPG Campaigns

So I Decided to Give Arty a Try


Some Real Thoughts About SPGs

How to Not Get Insta-Deleted By Artillery

Arty Players, Why Focus On Bottom Tier or Weaker Tanks

Is There Even a Good Spot For Arty On This Map (Fjords)

Need A Suggestion to Help My Win Rate

Best Arty Line?

Arties and Cities

SPG Targeting and Again

How To Better Avoid Artillery


If this doesn't count as help, I don't know what does.  Hope you (and any others that are willing to play all FIVE classes) find this of use.







JollyGrim #2 Posted Jan 04 2019 - 02:44

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edit: never mind...at least this is on an arty board...carry on



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heavymetal1967 #3 Posted Jan 04 2019 - 02:50


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Nice collection OP plus one.


I'll add this one for both the folks that play arty and those that don't.


Guide to which arty get stun and the arty missions for both PM campaigns. As well as how stun is credited when mutliple arty stun the same target(s), etc..  And a rundown of how to complete the second set of PMs without running arty, or as little as possible, for those that don't want to play it.


Also in my sig.



xrays_ #4 Posted Jan 04 2019 - 04:05


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View Postdunniteowl, on Jan 03 2019 - 20:39, said:

If this doesn't count as help, I don't know what does.  Hope you (and any others that are willing to play all FIVE classes) find this of use.


It's almost like some people start playing chess and think, "nah, I won't need this Knight thingy at all..." and think they know how to play.


Thanks for posting something positive about artillery. There are still a few of us around that enjoy a different perspective on the game.



dunniteowl #5 Posted Jan 05 2019 - 21:44


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I started this game knowing NOTHING about it.  So I take things at face value.  I also am a LONG TIME board war game player.  I have been playing video games since video games were available.  I used to play on a computer in class in 1974 in San Diego in our math class.  We had to dial a phone (dial not touch key) and then when the phone connected to the mainframe at UCSD, we then had to place the phone into a cradle modem that ran at 300 baud.  Yes, Three Hundred Baud, not 3K or 3M, just plain old 300.


I could actually whistle and screech into the phone and make the connection instead of the computer through the phone, then slam the phone into the cradle and still get a good solid connection.


Artillery has ALWAYS been part of armored warfare.  I don't understand the hate SPGs get when the only real difference between a tank's gun and a field piece is how high it can angle and shell velocity.  In short, tanks are nothing but artillery contained in a chassis and used at short range in direct fire mode on purpose, but their guns are field pieces nonetheless.  Where do folks think the idea for a tank came from?


All Five Classes when I started this game were intended by me to be played equally.  Sadly, my potato laptop had other plans.  I do my best to maintain a positive point of view when it comes to playing online with others.  Additionally, I take the game, as I said, at face value.  It includes artillery.  It plays equally well on the Red Team as it does on the Green Team (have you ever been ON the Red Team?  )  It was designed this way.


I cannot say I like getting hit by arty any more than the next guy.  The real difference is I recognize that it is part of the challenge of the game (I like the Knight comparison as I have made that same comparison myself) and that getting bent over it and then finding reason to hate it more than any other unit is, if nothing else, a waste of mental and emotional effort that would be better applied to adapting to that unit as a fact on the board.


As I have been 'stuck' with playing it more than I wish, honestly, I use my powers of observation and vast game playing as well as game design perspective to make use of what I see.  If folks want to use a Class to the exclusion of all others, that's totally fine.  In Mechwarrior, both on the board and in video games, I preferred to use Light Mechs and instead of missiles, I preferred Pulse Lasers, even over standard lasers that did more damage per second.  Why? Because I preferred that over Assault or Heavy Mechs.


I never once thought, in a match or in a game, "Oh man, I'm the only Light Mech, I'm gonna get creamed."  Instead I always told myself, "Speed is my armor, Heat Sinks are my friends," and would proceed to run around at 127 kph, using Jump Jets like a turbo boost at times and just sawed off the legs of my opponents and collected the salvage at the end of battle.


This is no different.  I'm stuck with SPGs and I'm not going to moan and wail how hard they are to defend with.  I'm just going to do my darnedest to make them work for me and my team.  If I get hate for that, then so what?


One day, when I get another "real" computer, I can go back to learning how to better play LTs (my worst class in terms of performance) and possibly make some observations on MEDs, TDs, HVYs and LTs.  I suspect, though, that anything I can say about them others have already.  SPGs, though, seem to be an underappreciated Class and I have always been fond of finding the strengths in the underdog classes.  Similar to Light Mechs, the SPG can be a force to be reckoned with if you can get rid of the negative views and learn to leverage what assets they do have.



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