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0-Ni top 10cm or 15cm which is best?

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Maxamus_Rex #1 Posted Jan 05 2019 - 18:31


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Is the top 10cm gun worth anything other than as a gateway to the 0-Ho? The 15cm is great if you have all day to aim and reload but in an open country fight it leaves you holding your willy while every arty on the red team is calling with bad news. Also after a few battles I have not pen'd anything of note with the 10cm.

CapPhrases #2 Posted Jan 05 2019 - 19:00


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IMO go with the 15 cm. at tier 8 you're gonna want a gun that can do consistent damage against tier 10's without having to hit code 22 all day long.

in the event that you get top tier that 15cm will wreck tier 6's and make tier 7's sad.

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