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Roe's Revamped Arty Guide

Arty Guide

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WORLD OF TANKS Artillery Guide 


By: Roe


Interested in playing Artillery?


Are you interested in sitting in the back of the map? Strategically manipulating the game? Making players pull hair? Or just eating while you play? Then this is the class for you.


With SPGs, you sit towards the back while firing low accuracy shots, dealing a moderate amount of damage, while also leaving a nice stun which decreases your targets crew efficiency but a moderate amount.


The contents I’ll run through include:


  1. The Tech Trees
  2. Mechanics
  3. Crew Skills, Consumables, and Equipment
  4. Counter Battery
  5. Review


Section 1: The Tech Trees


Overall in World of Tanks, there are 5 tech trees with artillery. The Americans T92 HMC, The British Conqueror Gun Carriage, The German G.W. E 100, the French Bat.-Châtillion 155 58, and the Russian Object 261. Each one of these has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the most common you see in Clan Wars are the T92 HMC, Conqueror Gun Carriage, and the G.W. E 100.



1a: The American SPG Line:


          The American SPGs throughout the line have a decent mobility (The M53/M55 having the best in the line), decent gun arc, as well as moderate reload/accuracy. They have a typically longer reload as they have some of the bigger guns at tier, as well as a moderate aiming time. The M44 is known as one of the best at tier 6, packing a fast reload and solid turret traverse. The M40/M43 in my opinion is the best at Tier 8, running with a solid gun, steady reload, and continuous reliability, even when matched with Tier 10s. The M53/M55 has the one of the best mobilities at Tier 9, second only to the French, with a very broad turret traverse, as well as a heavy hitting gun. The T92 HMC has the biggest howitzer in game, leading it to having one of the longest reloads at tier (second to the B.C. 155 58), at around 46 seconds. It can on average splash tanks for 400-500 hp and leaves them with a stun of over 30 seconds. My personal recommended equipment loadout is the Shell Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, and a Heavy Spall Liner.



For more information visit:




1b: The British SPG Line:


          The British SPGs are known for their Arc first, and everything else second. Birch Gun has the best arc and tier 10 with a fast reload, and the FV304 bring with it the mobility to move everywhere on the map to hit you anywhere. The Crusader SP also has a solid arc, but low damage gun, also it has a neat attribute attributed to it, it drives faster in reverse, making it easier to get around the map for relocating to support the team. The Tier 8s and 9s bring some higher alpha, beyond that nothing to noticeable. The Conqueror GC without a doubt has the best arc at Tier 10, solid mobility, and the second heaviest hitting tier 10 arty. It packs a reload of about 38 second reload, but a slow aim time of 6 seconds. Also its recommended to be a little closer to the front lines then a typical SPG because with that arc comes a long flight time for the shell, you’re also at some instances unable to shoot across the map. The recommended equipment loadout is Gun Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, and Vents.


Conq. GC


For more information visit:




1c: The German SPG Line


          The Germans typically have a good balance between damage and reload. Especially at low tiers, being the only ones who leave a stun on any targets they hit. Grille has the second-best arc at Tier 5 while carrying a notable reload. The GW Panther has some of the best mobility at Tier 7, with a solid gun traverse as well. From the G.W. Tiger P. onward, you carry a big gun, but slow mobility. The G.W. Tiger carries the same as the gun as previous tier. The G.W. E 100 has the third biggest gun of the SPG family, a solid balance between alpha, accuracy, and reload (about 35 seconds), and also the second-best arc, only behind the Conq. GC. My recommended load out is Shell Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, and a Super Heavy Spall Liner.

G.W. E 100


For more information visit:




1d: The France SPG Line


          The French have mobility going for them throughout the whole line. They also carry low splash and damage but have a faster and more accurate Rate of Fire.

Starting with the B-C 155 55 is when the line gets access to a turret. Once you get the B-C 155 58 is when you carry an auto loader. The auto loader carries 3 shots, with very pour damage compared to the rest of the Tier 10 family. The full reload takes about 50 seconds, while each in between shot takes about 10 seconds. The suggested load out is Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Binos/Optics, and a Camo. Net.


B-C 155 58


For more information visit:




1e: The Russian SPG Line


          The Russians are a strange line. From Tier 6 and lower they have a good mobility, faster firing with solid alpha. Tiers 7-9 become bigger, harder hitting guns, and the Tier 10, goes to having damage just a bit better then the French. The tier 7 SU-14-1 has a little bit better arc then the Fellow S-51, as well as a faster firing gun, a little bit more accurate gun. The Obj. 261 has the fastest reload at 32 seconds and is the most accurate, but the lowest arc at Tier 10. It has fantastic mobility but extremely low gun arc as well.


Object 261


For more information visit:





Section 2: Mechanics


SPGs have a unique style of gameplay, with unique controls and positioning. You can position yourself anywhere, but it will depend on your teams positioning, map control, and which lanes you want to have the ability to target. Subjects I’ll touch on include your Controls, Bloom/Targeting, and Positioning.


2a: Controls



Like its cousin TDs, X will trigger your hull lock. Use that to position your tank in specific directions so you don’t have to worry about aiming to far to the right or left then having to wait for your Bloom to sight in.


X – Hull Lock


Also unlike the other tanks, Shift will allow you to go into your Birdseye View, and G will allow you to go into a “Pseudo-Sniper” view, giving you a more direct line of sight onto targets or the geographical location. Each one giving its own unique advantages and disadvantages.


Shift – Birds Eye View


G – Pseudo-Sniper View


With other vehicles T will request people to target whoever they have highlighted, but in SPGs it tells the team who you are targeting, in addition, if you have your reticle on the ground, it will tell the team the location you are targeting, while also placing a target icon on the ground. You can also use this to coordinate with other SPGs or teammates where you saw traces of the enemy artillery. This can be useful for counter-battery which I will go into more detail later. Both will also communicate to your team that you’re either reloading, or ready to fire.


T – On target = “Targeting (Player 16), Ready to Fire/Reloaded in 15 Seconds”

T – On ground = “Targeting J3, Ready to Fire/Reloaded in 10 Seconds”


2b: Bloom/Targeting


          Your Bloom is that follows your reticle. Over time it shrinks to the most accurate size it can get to, and anytime you move it resets, this includes driving, or aiming at a different zone. On that note, the slower you move your reticle, the smaller your bloom will. Anywhere inside the bloom or even the edges are the targeting zone, which is anywhere the shell can land and perform damage (Depending on shell caliber).


*Note: Your bloom is the green beads surrounding the middle dot. *

When it comes to Targeting, if you have a green line, that means you have a clear shot, but if you see a red line then that means there is an obstruction in the way of your shot. This can be rocks, buildings, terrain, and even other tanks. Grey line means that you are out of range for the shot.


When it comes to aiming your shots, you’ll notice the bloom can be more circular, ovular, or even elongated, this depends on your guns range. You see ovular blooms (Ex. 1), elongated blooms (Ex. 2), and even circular blooms (Ex. 3). Each of these take in the factor of the distance your shell has to travel, as well as the arc of the gun.

Example One


Example Two


Example Three

*The Red Circles above are meant to illustrate the Bloom. Remember the smaller the Bloom, the more accurate the shot. When possible, try to aim for the engine deck as it has the weakest armor and can very easily lead to engine fire. *


Remember to lead your targets as most of your shots can take up to 1-3 seconds to hit, even to an upwards of 5 seconds in total. You also must take in account for the targets speed as well as any turns they may take.

*Note: Your shots can Stun, Damage, and Kill friendlies. Watch where you fire. *


2c: Positioning


       Your positioning will vary from map to map as well as how much map your team controls. When you’re moving to where you’d like to set up, try to avoid hitting trees, or anything else that be a solid indicator for where you may be potentially located. Keep attention to how your team spreads throughout the game because remember, you are a very slow tank, so it will take time for you to locate if its required. Also note your landscape because you can use the natural terrain to increase or decrease your arc if you don’t have any shots on your target.


Section 3: Crew Skills and Consumables


          In this section I’ll briefly touch on recommended Crew Skills and consumables for your tank.


3a: Crew Skills/Perks


You can start accessing Crew Skills as each member hits 100%, at that point you can assign a unique skill to that crew member to help increase your effectiveness in battle. Any time you go to retrain crews to another tank, if you don’t have the gold to retrain, you can always reset the training progression and retrain to the next tank. This will add any access XP to the crew member post-retrain and help increase them to 100%.


For more information on crew skills visit:




3b: Consumables


Here’s the common picks: 

  • First Aid is the first slot (Key 4) – Easy recovery for driver
  • Repair Kit is the Second (Key 5) – Easy track repair
  • Fire Extinguisher is the third (Key 6). Personally, I would use the Auto Extinguisher as it can save you some HP, unless you’re not concerned about it.
  • Food (Key 6) – No active effect but it gives a passive 10% increase on all crew members. Works great with high tier arty.


This is the set-up I personally use across the board, although you can use whatever you feel most comfortable with.


3c: Equipment


       Up until Tier 10, my standard loadout is always Camo/Rammer/Gun Laying Drive. Anytime you can use vents, I would highly recommend using them. Once you get to Tier 10, use Rammer/Gun Laying Drive/Spall Liner, as Tier 10 arties are generally big enough to where camo is irrelivent.


  1. Camo Nets: Increase your camo values. Decreases chances of being spotted. Costs 100k, transferable without gold.


  1. Binocular Telescope:  Increases your view range by 20% while you sit still. Costs 500k, transferable without gold.


  1. Shell Rammer: Decreases loading time by 10%. Makes a big difference to longer reloads. Costs 300-500k, transferable with gold.


  1. Enhanced Gun Laying Drive: 10% reduction to your aim time, useful for aiming quicker after moving and on long aim times. Costs 500k, transferable with gold.


  1. Vents: Only useful on tanks that are non-open hulled. Grants a 5% increase to tank crew members all around. Costs 50-150-600k, transferable with gold.


  1. Spall Liner: Increases your protection from HE damage and also decreases your chance of crew death. Costs between 50-200-500-750k credits. Transferable with gold.


Section 4: Counter Battery


          So, here’s the run down on counter battery. Counter Battery is when you fire a shell at an enemy tracer and hope to kill the enemy artillery. This can be extremely helpful for your team because not only are you removing a gun from the enemy team, but also removing the enemies stun ability.


Here’s how Counter Battery works:

  1. Watch enemy zones where you think their artillery will be sitting
  2. Wait to see a tracer
  3. Fire a little bit behind the tracer
  4. Hope you kill them


Counter Battery can be extremely hit or miss so I recommend you watch for the tracers while you’re reloading. You can move around your cursor using the R-MB without moving the reticle.



Section 5: Review


So, here’s everything that I ran through:


  1. The Tech Trees
  2. Mechanics
  3. Crew Skills, Consumables, and Equipment
  4. Counter Battery


Another big party of arty is communication. You cannot stress that enough. Communicating your reload, where you’re aiming, etc. As this gives your team useful information, as well as letting scouts know where you’re aiming, although it never hurts to pre-aim where the scouts are heading in the first minute of the game. Also, if there’s three arty per team be aware that they could be doing CB so it never hurts to move after your shots. Another tid bit of information, if you see enemies grouped up, punish them for it and lob a shell into the center of the grouping, as 3 tanks stunned is much more effective then one as a good stun can really punish players. Best of luck on the battlefield.


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Great job!


We need more players for SPG class.


If one knows how an SPG player thinks and acts to control the flow of the battle, then one would know how to evade SPG bombardment and counter those SPG players.

PotatoLegend99 #3 Posted Jan 06 2019 - 08:40

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for my SPG crews I actually don't take 6th sense. I feel that if I'm spotted I'm dead anyway 99% of the time. 


I usually start with camo on everyone except commander. I usually do mentor there. After first skill its retrain for BIA and then start with camo or other skills that work as the go up as you noted. I feel getting maximum overall crew benefits first is better than single benefits.


been tossing those female crews from the holiday thing in them as commanders. Free BIA, free first skill (mentor) so the rest can go up faster.


there really is so much more than just moving 10 feet from the spawn and clicking if you actually attempt to play SPGs "correctly" (subjective) just sucks that many maps you just can't really help your team all that much but I guess that gets balanced out with the bigger open maps where you can.

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Snapshot and clutch breaking are more useful than camo. Sixth is vital.I usually get away if it goes off. I always want those extra shots of damage.

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Worth noting that the American tech tree line effectively gives you two tier 10 SPGs as the M53/55 is still worth bringing to CW (provided it isn't locked to tier 10 only like advances), at least as much or more than the GWE.

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