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Craft decorations steadily is better I think

shards boxes decorations

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F4U_wingman #1 Posted Jan 07 2019 - 19:14

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From the 11 daily boxes there was no new decorations.

I get no level 5's, two 4's, three 3's, twelve 2's and sixteen 1's.... for a total of 680 shards. :(

My percentage of new decorations for the past 20 days has been 25%, 25%, 17%, 14%, 14%, 17%, 5%, 9%, 3%, 9%, 0%, 3%, 13%, 0%, 6%, 3%, 5%, 0%, 9%, 3% and today 0%.

I now have 262/313 total for four collections... 62/80 Christmas, 76/80 New Year and 64/80 Luner New Year, 60/73 Magic New Year.

I crafted two new decorations today on my first attempts :) and then thought RHDG is good, keep going... three more times and all were duplicates :( Lesson learned... quit while you're ahead and try again tomorrow. Shards remaining are 1,780. :popcorn:

Had to make another random level 5 tree topper because I broke it into shards... :ohmy: my bad... but it was a new decoration.

Crafted one more new level 4 with two attempts, shards remaining... 1,100 

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NeutronRaptor #2 Posted Jan 07 2019 - 19:20

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You get fewer and fewer each day cause you keep filling in more spots thus giving you more duplicates. The thing is completely random so it is definitely possible to craft 5 of the same decoration in a row ect. It is like that on purpose to give you an incentive to keep buying the right boxes to fill in the collection. I got my Lunar New Year collection completed and am happy. Next closest one is the Magic one but it still requires a ton of decos to fill so will just hold out till next year when I can hopefully fill them all in like I did last years collections. 

dunniteowl #3 Posted Jan 07 2019 - 19:38


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As long as I have more Level V decorations Needed than anything else, I use the dial set to Level V and leave it at Random for 480 shards per Level V ornament.


I am now at the point where I am looking at what Type of Level V ornaments I have missing the most. Then I select the Type OR Theme (depending on the number needed) for 960 shards as there are still enough potential candidates to get that are unique or new that it's a cost for risk basis.


Then, at the last I hit the high cost of V, Type specific and Theme for more specific ornaments.  It's been working okay for me so far, though I admit I have not truly applied myself to earning the boxes over having as good a time as I can.


I have also spent a fair number of shards to complete the 2018 collection.  Now, I'm to 244 of 313, so you're ahead of me already.




ez_money #4 Posted Jan 07 2019 - 22:02


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I don't know if it's random, broken, or something else. I was crafting the last few Level V decorations I needed to complete the Lunar New Year collection, and the machine gave me the exact decoration I needed in about 8 out of 10 tries. Then I went to start filling in the missing Level V decorations for the another collection, and only got 1 that I needed out of 8 tries.

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