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Project100 #201 Posted Yesterday, 08:35 PM


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View Postdunniteowl, on Jan 14 2019 - 11:30, said:


Military brat and former USAF enlistee.


And if you think artillery is bad, wait till you stand 200 yards away from six inch guns firing nothing but powder sacks!  HOLY COW!  That deck gun was mounted on land at the edge of the Grinder at NTC San Diego (my dad 'pushed boots' for two years) and it SHOOK the stands and made your hair and clothes ruffle from that distance!



Military brat and former USN enlistee here, Owl.


One of my favorite memories from my time in the Navy was reconnecting with a Gunners Mate that I had known on my first ship (USS Jack Williams FFG-24) when we were both stationed in Dam Neck, VA. He was an instructor for the gunnery school there and I was going to school for a data system. One Friday at lunch he invited me over to watch them fire the guns out into the ocean. Maybe 50 yards away from those relatively small guns and you could feel the concussion wave hit you like a medicine ball to the chest. I know that those kids firing the guns loved every second and I laughed my butt off once I figured out that they would wait just long enough between rounds for all the car alarms on the base to stop going off before popping off another one.

Mac_1952 #202 Posted Yesterday, 09:56 PM

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View PostCruiser133, on Jan 12 2019 - 23:20, said:

What do you guys think of FirstNet? I think the feds getting involved in anything is usually a disaster


AT&T will be working with FirstNet here; the build out in new infrastructure that AT&T must make in the rural areas of this state will improve wireless for the public sector as well. (single use communication towers have gone the way of the dodo).


It is a wait and see phase at the moment.

BillT #203 Posted Today, 03:11 AM


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View PostSteamboat_Willy_Sr, on Jan 14 2019 - 21:05, said:


I modeled the original SL boards out of 1" thick insulfoam (22 X 40), made a hex stamp to grid it out, then added tile grout for ground cover and model trees for use with the 1/285th scale micro armor.  We could use the original boards to mark prep fire, CE, pinned, etc so as not clutter up the miniatures.



Nice!  It sounds like you anticipated "Geo Hex":



Nowadays they stopped using microarmor and went to larger-scale vehicles, as big as 1:72nd.  I think that's nuts... at that scale you can't fit a map large enough for a tank battle in any room smaller than a gymnasium, so they have to use a smaller ground scale and then the vehicles are all gargantuan compared to the terrain and it looks like World of Tanks with tanks  parked hub to hub.  But I've still got my huge microarmor collection, so if it ever makes a comeback... :)


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