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Crew Skills

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Private_Joke #1 Posted Jan 08 2019 - 01:25


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Really trying to work on crew skill for the Charioteer.  There are 41 possible skills.  A few of them are duplicates.  I.E. both the Commander and the Gunner can have "Designated Target."  Does it matter which crew member have certain skills then?

Just really wondering for a 4 person crew, why so many skills?  The FV4005 can only have 36 possible skills.

Ken_McGuire #2 Posted Jan 08 2019 - 02:01


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In the Charioteer, the Commander is also a Gunner, and so can also take Gunner skills. But I wouldn't pick any of them, personally.

1) There are lots of useful Commander skills that I would find more important

2) This is an odd thing about this particular tank - and any Gunner skills the commander picks up would be useless (or have to be reset) farther up the tree.

3) Designated Target is a perk that, while it has to be 100% on the crew member, gives no advantage if multiple crew members have the perk.



oldewolfe #3 Posted Jan 08 2019 - 11:19


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I started with a Bromwell Crew, from there I haven't decided.....     But Mandatory S Skills may be my Base then go either Full Camo or Full Repair...       I tend to Play it more Medium than TD because the Crew isn't up to it yet but they're getting there....


As for the 4005, that's getting a Dedicated Crew....    I used the Xmas Crew, all 5, for the Boost in Skills behind the 183mm Eraser on that thing....      They're Traininng further in the AT15A while I work thru the Charioteer and Conway....

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FrozenKemp #4 Posted Jan 08 2019 - 12:25


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I would go with Sixth Sense, Camo, and Recon on the commander before I even thought about additional Gunner skills (when there is already a gunner crew member).  I hadn't even realized there was an overlap with the Charioteer!


It might actually be an error. 

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telecastermds #5 Posted Jan 10 2019 - 20:30

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Full camo crew to avoid getting spotted


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