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STA-1 (STA-3)

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Blackgunner #1 Posted Jan 08 2019 - 02:54


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So I've been doing a little digging on the STA-1 ingame and noticed that the upgraded turret and tracks are STA-3.  After looking into STA-3, I found out that one of the signature features of the STA-3 and STA-4 was an autoloader for its 90mm.  According to technical data I've found it housed 11 90mm shells.  Obviously that would have to be nerfed as with all autoloaders ingame.  Maybe 3 rounds for the STA-3; and the Type 61's 90mm (stock turret is STA-4) becomes a 4 round autoloader.  Or 4 and 5.  I mean whatever really.


It just seems a shame to leave out a signature feature; even if it was removed as it was complicated and would have increased production time.



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Asid3001 #2 Posted Jan 08 2019 - 05:44

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As long as my IS-7 also gets its autoloader, preferably with the IS-3A's OP autoreloading mechanism. 

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