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25 boxes for $50.39 cad = FAIL

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commander42 #21 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 04:04


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View Postphilspamoni, on Jan 08 2019 - 20:31, said:

WarGaming... U guys just had to be greedy... That extra 39 cents is the difference between me spending just $25.19 and not $100 with my gifted pre paid visa's...

I know I'm not the only one here that see's that as a pure greed money grab.


Canadians get shafted again.


Cheers from Ontario.


1. Canadians pay the exact same as people from the US, blame your own government for your crappy exchange rate.
2. the number isn't even round for people in the US
Don't think you are the only ones getting screwed over WG when its your own country's fault.

The only ones who get special prices different from the US on the NA server is some south America countries I think.  The US and Canada are equally screwed on pricing.

largeelvis #22 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 04:13

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Block Quote

 That's a credit card issue not a wargaming issue. Unless your on the OPs 39 cent complain train


No fees to use a credit card usually means no fees to use a credit card. Since that clearly isn't the case, they shouldn't even mention it.

jamesdoz #23 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 04:33


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View Postphilspamoni, on Jan 08 2019 - 20:48, said:

I mean what would u guys do if you had 2 $50 cards... 

you cant buy four $25.19 bundles..

you cant buy 2 $50.39 bundles...

all they had to do was lower the price by $0.30 usd per 25 pack and they woulda made a craptun more money from Canadians...


add an extra 78 cents onto your card maybe?

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