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tanopasman62 #21 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 18:13


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1. Larger maps that allow all classes to do their thing  (Less stuff like Ensk/Tundra and more like Steppes or the reworked Pilsen)


2. Tune down RNG so <0.30 guns don't miss tanks sideways at 50m and derps don't snipe lights going full speed 500m away.


3. Put actual weakspots on tanks so people doesn't need to sling gold like it's AP to kill them.


4. Rework MM to fix the constant bottom tier games.


5. Remove machineguns from the game.

EmperorJuliusCaesar #22 Posted Jan 12 2019 - 16:19


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View Postkuxan, on Jan 09 2019 - 15:30, said:

Post 3-5 things in 1-5 wards that in your opinion will drastically improve the game and make allot of the players that left want to return and play WoT agein.


--- fair not rigged MM

--- bigger maps 1200sm

---  Arty 2 per side Max

--- TDs 3 per side Max

--- premium ammo rework/nurf ( they are working on it, lets see hiw it turns out)


I'd be ok with limiting arty to 2 per side ONLY if they limit tds to 3 per side and lights to 2 per side so we could have much more normal meta matches.  There's FAR too many support tanks in many battles and it leads to a lot of camping.  If they won't limit the other classes, then no, don't limit arty, we gotta break the camping.

KnottHead #23 Posted Jan 15 2019 - 02:00


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Please tell me what you think of these proposed changes\


1. Create (2) types of Random Battles, (1) Historical vehicles vs Historical vehicles ONLY

2. Correct madding MM, Say no more than +2

3. Either NERF penetration on GOLD Ammo

4. Rework historical tanks back to ACTUAL stats.


What do you think?


FrDashing #24 Posted Jan 15 2019 - 04:01

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- Better MM for sure

- More maps (big ones would be fun, as large like Grand Battle)

- improvement and enlargement of Great Wall and Paris

- More content (Premium vehicles, New vehicle lines and historical Preset styles)

- Limitation in caring Premium rounds

- More historical emblems and inscriptions and camouflages

digitails #25 Posted Jan 16 2019 - 04:56


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1. Limit arty to one per side except during grand battles/frontline

2. Bigger maps that are well designed. 

3. More maps that are well designed. 

4. Limit current small maps to lower tiers (ensk/mines)

5. Greatly improve the new player/low tier experience and re-balance the tanks at those tiers to help retain players

cruiserSS #26 Posted Jan 16 2019 - 05:14


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How about making arty true indirect fire. they should not see a TANK unless it is in their view range. other tanks must call for fire to an area. 

A Clan Motor Pool where players can park older or unused tanks that the newbies can use, rent borrow, whatever. maybe even just tier VIII- X so they can participate in skirmish and clan wars. or just try out tanks to see what line to grind.


Nat55atata #27 Posted Jan 17 2019 - 03:31

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My personal Top 5 things to fix the game would go something like this


  • Make Superheavies / Broken Gimmick Tanks more balanced ; Add frontal weakspots to the Type 5, Make the Cyka Conqs Cupola weaker at the edges, attempt to nerf the Swedish Main Battle Tanks TD's in some way, stuff like that. Alternatively...
  • Remove the Habit of Nerfing good tanks, and instead just focus on Buffing bad tanks! The Super Conqueror, Type 5, 430U, 268 4, T110E3, they would not be so broken (or just highly over-performing) if most the other tanks at its tier where able to punch up to their level all of a sudden. Granted, some nerfs should still happen from time to time, but we need to try and point wargaming into a buffing rebalance rather than a nerfing rebalance. I know personally that I would love to see more older tanks return to relevancy and become competitive again (of for some just competitive period.) than competitive tanks or broken tanks just being made garbage after people grinded for them.
  • Remove stun mechanics from arty. There is no need for a de-buff class in a game where aiming and shooting is already 25% based on pure rng. Moving on.
  • We have enough tanks, at least for now. Lets see some new maps for this year. Make 2019 the Year of the Maps, and please, no more corridor maps. We dont need any more.
  • and finally, slow down the premium tank releases. we dont need a new premium every 1 to 2 weeks.

astragale #28 Posted Jan 20 2019 - 20:32


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View PostStrachwitzPzGraf, on Jan 09 2019 - 06:21, said:

3. Balance the teams -- this is NOT SKILL BASED MM -- NOT (George I'm looking at you) NOT skill based.  Simply swap a couple same tier tanks to get better WN8 balance -- does NOT solve all MM problems, but it would help


I agree with your suggestions, in particular team balancing as it would be an easy thing to do as you suggest, and make a world of difference.  


Based on XVM, I have been in Random Battles that had as high as a 5,000 Wargaming rating delta (using lifetime skill rating), and not surprisingly, the disadvantaged team lost quickly.


I agree with you that the WG rating system is not ideal, but it is a start; using more advanced rating systems (wn8) would be even better, or even better still, a multi-regression of all rating systems.  


Once the pool of 30 players is selected, and split into opposing teams with similar tank types/platoons/tiers,etc. why is there not another pass to balance players based on their rating?  There is no reason why this could not happen; the computing necessary to do this is insignificant and it would have no impact on the overall team composition (i.e. no need to change any of the 30 tanks locked in that battle, so no impact on the MM engine); just a reassignment of a few tanks with their equivalent counterparts on the other team so that the wargaming rating delta would be below a certain threshold.


Going into games where the expected winrate (based on XVM and using the standard, lifetime wargaming rating) is around 30% for one team because the delta of overall rating is > 5,000 is not excusable, and makes for an un-enjoyable one-sided battle for both sides.  

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