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Tips on How To Complet Light Tank Diploma

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World_War_1_and_2 #1 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 19:36


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I have completed Light Tank Diploma, and exceeded by 3 more, so I did <Light Tank 101, 201, 301, and 401> 13 times for the Month that encompassed December, 2018 to January, 2019.


I completed many or most of my spots (including most -- or all (cannot remember) -- of the Light Tank 401 4-spots) on the maps Mines, Himmelsdorf, and Abbey.


When you attain the Light Tank Diploma, the system allows you to continue to repeat the <Light Tank 101,201,301,401> cycle as much as you can. So after completing the Light Tank Diploma by achieving 10 days of <Light Tank 101,201,301,401> cycles, I did another 3 cycles of it, making a total of 13 cycles.


And even before those 13 cycles, I was able to complete 3 cycles before that, for the previous Month November to December (I did not complete the required 10 cycles to get the Light Tank Diploma in that Month). And for this Month of January to February, I got 1 cycle done... So that makes a total of 17 cycles, all mostly on Abbey, Himmelsdorf, and Mines.


I can get spots for this Light Tank Diploma (which requires you NOT to be detected at least at the time when you spot the required amount of enemy vehicles) even on Himmelsdorf, BOTH North and South side. Himmelsdorf is a city... You just have to know the spotting mechanics, equip your tank right due to that knowledge, and preferably a fast tank (like the Russian light tank BT-2; I used the relatively slow Russian light tank T-60 in the beginning, but later changed to that BT-2 and the German Pz 1 C for Light Tank Diploma spotting work (The German Pz 1 C can see maps other than the "Three Beginners Maps", though)).




ADDITIONAL INFO TO SUCCESSFULLY DO LIGHT TANK DIPLOMA: I just remembered something. You also need 6th Sense to be able to know if your enemy has spotted you or not. If you spotted the enemy, and Sixth Sense does not go off, that means the system will accept that spot. If Sixth Sense goes off -- 3 seconds after your spot -- that means the spot is not accepted by the system. Why? Your spot had to be undetected by your enemy, and because your Sixth Sense went off 3 seconds after that spot of yours, that means the enemy had detected you also when you spotted it. So, if Sixth Sense went off 3 seconds after your spot of the enemy, you failed for the WHOLE GAME. Therefore spend the rest of the game doing something else, because your spot will not be accepted as a spot for the Light Tank Diploma endeavor. Then try again next game.


This also means if you are on the next mission levels of Light Tank 201, Light Tank 301, or Light Tank 401, you MUST spot all the required enemy tanks WITHOUT EVER getting spotted during that time of endeavor to complete the mission. ONE EXCEPTION MAYBE: I do not know how to really go unspotted again. You hear that you go hide for 10 seconds or so, then you will become unspotted again. I have never tried that in any of my gameplay and known for sure I have done it successfully, so I do not know if the system would allow you to continue to keep on spotting all the rest of the enemies you have not done, after you go unspotted again.


So, leaving aside the going-unspotted-again situation which I do not really know if could work, just do what I did and try to spot all necessary enemies for whatever level you are trying to complete (101,201,301,401) without ever getting spotted (in other words, detected) during any of that time you are endeavoring to do so. How do you know they never detected you? Sixth Sense never ever went off during that time up to 3 seconds after your last necessary spot.


After you have spotted the necessary amount of enemies for the mission (1 for 101,2 for 201,3 for 301,4 for 401), you may allow yourself to be known to any enemy after that, during that same game, and you will NOT have forfeited your accomplished mission. For example, after you have spotted one enemy for mission 101, and three seconds after that Sixth Sense still did not go off, you know you have successfully completed mission 101, and you now can be seen/detected by any enemy for the rest of the game and still not forfeit that 101 mission accomplishment.


One more thing: you can try spotting for the Light Tank Diploma WITHOUT having Sixth Sense, but you will not be sure if it was an accepted spot or not for your Light Tank Diploma (accepted=enemy did not spot you also, when you spotted it) for the rest of that game. You will only know at the end of that game: if there was notice you completed the mission (101,201,301,or 401), you know it was (an) acceptable spot(s) for the Light Tank Diploma; if there was no notice of having completed the mission (101,201,301,401), you know you failed because somehow you were spotted by the enemy. But instead, if you have Sixth Sense, you know just three seconds after the spotting of yours, if it was (an) acceptable spot(s) or unacceptable spot(s) for the Light Tank Diploma, without having to wait until the end of the game to know.


NOW ABOUT CAMOUFLAGE: Hiding your whole tank in a bush is the best way to guarantee as many spots as you can get, because tanks can come into your spotting range from any direction, and if you have hidden your whole tank in a bush, you will not be detected from any of the directions they may come from. But the whole tank does not mean really the whole tank, because from learning about the locations of "Visibility Checkpoints" from a World of Tanks video, I know if my basically upper vertical half of the side of my tank which includes the whole turret, is coveredI have covered the Side "Visibility Checkpoint" of my tank -- I don't need to cover the basically lower vertical half of the side of my tank, because the Side "Visibility Checkpoint" is sort of located in the upper part of the side of my tank, which would include the whole turret. But if you don't know about the "Visibility Checkpoints" locations, you will have difficulty being sure you will not be detected. For anyone unsure about their "Visibility Checkpoints" locations, then just find a big enough bush to hide literally your whole light tank in (it would help even more if your light tank is relatively small so it could easily be literally wholly hidden -- like my Russian light tank T-60 was).



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