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Measure Premium time by time spent In-Game?

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Laugh_at_U #1 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 20:39


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I play on Standard account. 

Occasionally, I'll splurge for a day or two of premium, but not very often.  I have limited time (work, life....).


Could I make a suggestion???


Please measure Premium account time by "In-Game time" instead.  I would spend money on premium if it were measured that way.  It just seems to be a waste, if I buy 11 days of premium and only get to use 8 hours of it spread across 11 days.


Premium time could be measured in hours.  So if we get 24 hours of premium, I could literally play 24 "hours", that way I could play afew hours here, afew hours a couple days later.... until I use up the Premium. 




Desert_Fox_1969 #2 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 20:47


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You got cable or satellite TV? Maybe Netflix or any other streaming service? You pay for it not matter if you use it or not. 

Sure they could offer a hourly subscription but believe me it would come with a premium price just like pay as you go cell phone plans.

Fluffy_Kittens #3 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 20:48


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novel idea, but how would ou make it work, as not every line int eh sand will work

and for those ppl with a years premium time currently, how would you compensate them.


all in all this game is very cheap to play when you consider the cost per time.


20/month or 40/3 months is nothing when you look at other things you spend your money on to waste your time in your life.

i could go to the pub, rent some beer and watch a game, and the amount of money i spend in a night there i could play tanks for months...



The_Illusive_Man #4 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 20:49


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You want to pay 30$ for that 24 hours? Because thats what WG would do... Id rather pay 42.70 for three months worth...

the_dude_76 #5 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 20:52


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If you buy a years worth at a time it comes out to less than 30 cents a day.  "By the hour" premium time would have to cost WAY more than that. Remember, it has to be a good deal for WG also. Give up a half a soda every day and your premium time is paid for if you buy in bulk...

Dockmaster #6 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 20:53


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At around $125.00 CDN a year what else can you do for $0.34 a day? Even if you don't play everyday that is a great deal.



GeorgePreddy #7 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 20:57


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Not gonna happen... just like your cable company won't charge you by the hour for your TV watching time.


If WG did do it, hourly rates would be really high.


For instance, one day of prem time bought in a 360 day chunk costs less than 28 cents.


One day of prem time bought separately costs 250 gold (one dollar).


So, if they would sell an hour at a time it would probably be 150 gold (60 cents), so that you would be motivated to buy a day instead if you were going to play any more than an hour.


Why don't you just buy a day at a time for 1 dollar ??








Mettie7 #8 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 21:15

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Not happening, but your next best bet is personal reserves. I'm not sure if they're up for sale atm but they give crew/credit/exp bonuses for a set amount of time. Might be something worth looking into maybe?

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