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kuxan #1 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 22:33

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My impressions and opinions so far. (subject to change with more games played all though i doubt it), i struggle to make this tank work so far. It feels under powered in all areas accept the Alpha.


Impressions: looks and drivers like a super heavy, armored like a subpar medium, hits like a TD if and when you can make it work.


Opinion: This tank needs significant buffs or a rework.

1- increase it weight to 75-85 tons and increase its armor in some places to reflect this as its struggles to fill its role on a battlefield, the armor has far to many weak spots and its way unreliable.

2- increase its agility and turret rotation a little if armor is increased and some weak spots are strengthened or removed or alternately increase its agility and mobility significantly.

3-  make this tank more artillery resilient, right now its a bad joke.


Please post your own opinions of the 60TP if you own it and please refreign from posting if you Do Not own it. (anyone who gets hit by a 750 Alpha gun will this the tank is strong or OPd until they drive it.     

RC_1140 #2 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 22:42


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The only buff I want is a bit more HEAT pen to match other t10 heavies (or a nerf to the others). The armor is very usable (before the sniper mode bug anyways) and the rest of the stats are decent. 

AIMBOT_XD_SOB #3 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 22:44

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I was one of the lucky guys who got a chance to play a sheriff account with it and I was pumped to actually get a chance to play it on the live server.


I also agree with your opinion about it not being to great and basically the same buffs you talk about.


I was really surprised that the armor wasn't better..


The gun though..omg it was wonderful

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